Pumpkin Carving
We’re getting ready for the spooky festivities this half term.  Download our simply terrifying pumpkin carving templates and get in the Halloween mood – no costume required! Keep up to date with us this week for more great activities and family fun. How to Carve your Pumpkin: Step 1: Head to your local supermarket or greengrocers to choose your pumpkin.  When selecting your pumpkin you should choose a pumpkin that feels firm and heavy for
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Raleigh Autumn Activities
This half term we’re helping you get creative with the kids!  We know it can be hard to think of half term activities to keep them entertained, so we thought we’d do the hard work for you. We’ve created some fun Autumn activities! Keep up to date with us this week for more great activities and family fun. Download our Holly & Henry hedgehogs below and get cutting, sticking and sharing.  Plus we’ve included a few
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Raleigh Kids Bikes
Here at Raleigh we love the change in seasons! As the weather starts to get a little cooler and the nights start to draw in most people think its time to pack their bikes away for winter, but we think differently. Autumn is a great time to get out on family bike rides that you might have missed out on in the summer.  Plus family rides are a great way to spend time together –
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common electric bike myths
Despite a boom in electric bike sales, some misconceptions about them still persist, which means many people who could benefit from owning one are missing out.  So, we thought we’d set the record straight on some of the most common myths. They are too expensive This is one of the most persistent myths because people often look at the upfront cost of getting an e-bike and no further. While e-bike prices start at about £1,000,
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Let’s be honest, how much time do you actually get to spend with your family? Research by Highland Spring Group found that the average family only spends 34 ‘undistracted’ minutes (i.e. without technology or routine getting in the way) together a day, rising slightly higher to 1 hour 37 minutes at the weekends. One in four parents feel they’re far too busy to spend time with their children, as they’re caught up in the pressures
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