Folding Electric Bikes

With folding electric bikes, you get your dream e-bike experience, just 100% more compact. Designed for space-saving storage, these folding e-bikes can be stashed away in seconds, making them perfect for flats, tight spaces and car boots.

Powered by a super-light e-bike motor, Raleigh folding electric bikes help you along when you need a bit of a boost. A handlebar display lets you adjust pedal assistance to your liking, and with a long-lasting battery, the possibilities for adventure are limitless.

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Each of our electric folding bikes have been designed to maintain the highest performance regardless of their compact and nimble size, given they can fold small enough to fit in the luggage compartment on a train or in the car boot. Practical to use on both rough and smooth terrain, our folding electric bikes are built using 20” wheels and engineered using a lightweight aluminium frame so you can easily carry your folding bike onto public transport or lift it out of storage.

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