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Our electric bikes come in three different styles, each of these have their own benefits and have been chosen specifically for the design and needs of each electric bike.

What motor is used in electric bikes?

The motor used in electric bikes will vary depending on the brand/manufacturer of a specific model. For example, the Raleigh electric bike range uses a variety of motors including rear and centre-mount motors from a range of manufacturers such as Bosch, Suntour, TranzX and Ebikemotion. Centre mount motors such as those on our Motus and Centros range provide a greater level of power and are perfect for climbing long, steep hills.

The Raleigh electric range incorporates motors from a number of manufacturers, depending on the needs and requirements of the rider and bike model. The Bosch system uses cutting-edge components to create precise motor control and lower noise output than other motors. Suntour motor systems are used in the Raleigh Array range to create an affordable mid-drive motor system that provides 3 power levels. The Stow-E-Way Raleigh folding electric bike uses a TranzX motor system as it is a compact and simple solution to be used on the go - perfect when combined with the storability and convenience of the folding bike.

What is torque in e-bike motors?

Torque is a measure of an e-bike’s rotational force, which essentially dictates how quickly it can deliver power. For e-bikes, torque is measured in Newton-metres (Nm). In basic terms, the more Nm your e-bike motor produces, the easier it will be to pedal. 

Across our range of Raleigh electric bikes you’ll find a range of torque options. For example, the Motus Tour operates at 40Nm, the Centros has 65Nm, and the Stride 2 (an electric cargo bike) offers 85Nm for easy pedalling with a load.  

What size motor is best for an electric bike?

The best size of motor for an electric bike will always be determined by the bike that it is designed to help power. For example, the Stow-E-Way TranzX motor we’ve mentioned above is 250w - that’s perfect for a smaller folding bike. For something bigger like a Motus or Centros, we use a Bosch motor which can range from 400-625w.

How long do e-bike hub motors last?

In general, an e-bike hub motor should last roughly 10,000 miles. That does assume that you’re taking care of your hub motor properly though. The most wearable component of your hub motor will be the bearings (assuming you’re not using a brushless motor). Aside from rusting, the risk of which you can minimise by storing your bike inside, your hub motor could last a very long time. 

Which is better - hub motor or mid-drive motor?

When it comes to hub motor vs mid-drive motor, ‘better’ is usually down to the type of electric bike you have and how you’re using it. Hub motors are super low maintenance - they’re just a sealed unit so there’s less for you to worry about; it’s the reason that they’re so popular. However, they’re typically more suited to flatter riding as they only allow a single gear ratio. 

Mid-drive motors, on the other hand, don’t have a single gear ratio. This makes them better suited for tackling hillier routes on a regular basis. You’ll also typically find that they’re lighter than hub motors which can be important if you’re worried about the overall weight of your electric bike. If you’re also concerned about looks, the mid-drive motor has you covered - they can be a bit more discreetly placed than a hub motor. Oh and if you ever need to change a tyre, you don’t have to worry about dealing with the weight of a motor attached to a wheel. 

In summary, when deciding between a hub motor or a mid-drive motor, the best choice is entirely up to what you intend to use your electric bike for.

Are e-bike motors AC or DC?

Electric bike motors are usually DC. This is down to the simplicity of their design and how readily available they are. 

Are e-bike motors geared or gearless?

With Raleigh e-bikes, hub motor models are gearless. E-bikes with derailleur and cassette components are attached and geared. 

Do electric bikes use brushless motors?

A lot of modern electric bikes use brushless motors (also known as BLDC motors). BLDC motors don’t use brushes to control the flow of electric currents to the motor. Brushes are one of the components of a motor that can wear over time, so removing them reduces the risk of wear on your motor and can prolong its lifecycle. 

What are the disadvantages of a BLDC motor?

The main disadvantage of a BLDC motor is cost. They’re more complex than your average motor and the price tag reflects that. However as we’ve mentioned above, they tend to wear less quickly than motors with brushes which gives you a bit more peace of mind. If you ask us, that’s worth the extra cost!

Is a 250W motor enough for an electric bike?

Yes, a 250W motor is definitely enough for an electric bike - it also happens to be the maximum that you can have on your e-bike here in the UK. Many of our electric bikes (such as the Motus and Centros) use 250W motors and they’re perfect for both leisurely and more adventurous rides!

How do I choose an e-bike motor?

Choosing an e-bike motor doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, you’ll find that all of our electric bikes come with motors that help you to get all you need (and more) out of your bike. For example, our Stow-E-Way folding electric bike uses a simple TranzX quick stop motor, while the Centros uses an advanced 250W Bosch Performance Line motor. Both motors are perfectly suited to their bikes - that’s one less thing to worry about!

Do Bosch e-bike motors need servicing?

Like any other part of your e-bike, your motor needs to be serviced. For Raleigh Bosch electric bikes, Bosch recommends that an initial inspection of your bike is conducted after 4 weeks (or 300 miles) and then at regular intervals after that.

Our Different Types

Front wheel motors

  • An affordable option for all

  • Provide good levels of power for getting around town

  • Give a steady assistance when climbing hills on trails

  • Low Maintenance

  • Well balanced and stable

Close-up picture of a bike's front wheel

Rear wheel motors

  • Offers better handling and traction

  • Smooth acceleration and natural feeling pull with power usage

  • Stealthier appearance, it isn't always a giveaway that you're riding an ebike as opposed to a regular push bike

  • Light and maneuverable

  • Lower noise levels

Close-up picture of a bike's rear wheel

Centre Mount Motors

  • Provide higher levels of assistance from more powerful motors and are perfect for long and steep hills.

  • Are more sensitive to how you ride so provide the power exactly when you need it.

  • Centre of gravity is low.

  • Best suited to mountain biking.

  • The motor's drive goes through the bicycle gears, making it more efficient.

Close-up picture of a bike's centre mount


Featured on the Raleigh Motus and Centros Range

We use new re-engineered Bosch ebike motor systems on our Motus range as it offers an innovative new solution which is quiet and reliable. This is combined with the new PowerPack or Powertube in either 300wH, 400WH or 500WH. The range of battery sizes and systems across the Motus and Centros ranges allows you to find the perfect eBike that suits you from a brand you can trust.

The Motus uses the new Bosch Active Line Motor and a 300wh PowerPack, the Motus Tour uses an Active Line Motor and 400wh Powerpack and the Motus Grand Tour uses the Active Line Plus Motor with the 500wh PowerPack. Our Centros models use the fully integrated Bosch 500WH Powertube which gives the bike a sleek and ergonomic finish.

Wherever you’re heading, our Raleigh models with an Active Line or an Active Line Plus motor will get you where you want efficiently and effectively.

Picture showing an electric bike on the side with a white background

Intuvia Display

The sophisticated Intuvia Display offers maximum clarity and convenience with the display screen placed in the centre of the handlebars for easy readability, and the control unit is safely on the left handlebar. The gear shift indicator ensures you're riding in the correct gear to optimise battery consumption and to increase your bikes range. It even allows you to charge your mobile!

Close-up picture of a display on an ebike's handlebar

Bosch PowerPack 500wh

The reliable, long-lasting electric components from market leader Bosch, will provide an exceptional riding experience. The 500WH semi-integrated battery will allow you to ride for up to an impressive 220km on a single charge.

Close up picture of a Bosch battery mounted on a Raleigh eBike's frame.

Active Line Plus Motor

The Active Line Plus motor offers an almost completely noise free experience and a higher level of pedal rate detection to improve cycling efficiency so you can get the maximum enjoyment out of your journeys. What's more, with a maximum assistance output of 270% you'll find the hills a breeze compared to a regular bike. The Bosch Active Line Plus motor is compatible with both the derailleur and hub gear systems.

Close-up picture of a Bosch motor on a Raleigh eBike.

Suntour Featured on the Array range

With years of experience in the cycling world, the Suntour e-bike system complements perfectly the Array bike range to give you a smooth yet powerful ride.

The key to the Suntour system is the integration of the derailleur gears, motor and controller to produce a quiet, powerful and efficient riding experience.

Picture of an Array e-bike

Suntour Control Panel

Sleek bar-mounted cycling computer with easy-to-read high-contrast display. Partnered with ergonomic switch unit with intuitive design. The easy-to-read control panel has every function you’ll need for a successful outing. There are three different modes that are easily selected with a push of a button on the handlebar to offer you various levels of assistance.

Close-up picture of a Suntour control panel for e-bike

Suntour 400WH Battery

High quality battery with a very long life! Constructed to go the distance with you. Large battery capacity to cover more territory, boasting a range of up to 100km on a single charge depending on the level of assistance selected. The battery can be easily removed so you can take it into the house to charge it for your next ride.

Close-up picture of a Suntour battery for e-bike

Suntour Motor

Smooth, silent motor packaged in a compact, lightweight design for a sleek look and supreme riding performance. The Emotion motor has 5 power levels plus the boost function on a twist grip. Allowing you to manage the assistance that the motor provides to maximise the range of the battery or make the ride as easy as you want it to be. Strong yet intelligent pedalling support for a solid, natural feel!

Close-up picture of a Suntour motor for e-bike

TranzX Featured on the Stow-E-Way

Based in Taiwan, TranzX are at the forefront of development, creating smart solutions for E-bikes. At Raleigh, we use the latest system on the Raleigh Stow-E-Way to provide a compact and powerful motor.

Picture of a Raleigh stow-e-way folding bike on the side.

TranzX Controls

Handle-mounted power controls are placed close to the grips, so you can easily select from the power levels, and use the speed button to give you an extra boost for hills or when you're late for work!

Close-up picture of a TranzX handlebar controller on a Raleigh ebike

260wh TranzX Battery

The 260wh battery will provide a range of up to 50km and its small size means it can easily be removed and charged away from the bike.

Picture on the side of a Raleigh stow-e-way folding eBike and its battery.

45nm Rear Wheel Motor

The TranzX system has 4 support levels so you can decide how hard you want to work and the motor will assist you up to a speed of 15mph. Motor systems from TranzX benefit from new communications technology, which ensures that the motor maximises the battery range, and will allow your dealer to set the bike up for you via a USB link.

Close-up picture of a rear-wheel motor on a Raleigh Stow-e-way folding ebike.

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