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Browsing our range of electric bikes but not sure which model is right for you? We’ve put together an at-a-glance breakdown of the key features of all of our ebikes, as well as the best applications for them.

ModelBattery Range (max)Charge TimeBest ForPrice
Array60 Miles5 HoursCommutes and casual rides£999 (monthly from £24.98)
Stow-E-Way30 Miles4 HoursCommuters short of space£999 (monthly from £24.98)
Motus80 Miles6 HoursLonger commutes/more versatile rides£2199 (monthly from £54.97)
Motus Tour80 Miles6 HoursLonger commutes/more versatile rides£2599 (monthly from £64.97)
Motus Grand Tour100 Miles7 HoursLonger rides/touring£2799 (monthly from £69.97)
Felix60 Miles2.5 HoursCommutes & casual rides£1900 (monthly from £47.50)
Felix Plus75 Miles6.5 HoursLonger rides on mixed terrains£2250 (monthly from £56.25)
Trace50 Miles4 HoursCasual riders who need a lighter, understated ebike£2199 (Monthly from £54.97)
Centros130 Miles5 HoursLonger rides/bikepacking on mixed terrain£3099 (Monthly from £77.49)

Gear types

You may have also noticed that our bikes tend to come in hub or derailleur gear types. If you’re not sure what that means, we’ve broken it down for you below.

Hub gear

All of the moving parts of a hub gear are tucked away inside your rear wheel hub. This makes them more protected from the elements and any particles (such as dust) that might otherwise find their way into the system. They also allow you to shift while stationary. It’s a lower maintenance option.

Derailleur gears

Derailleur gears are more exposed to the elements and therefore come with a risk of corrosion. They also require a bit more maintenance due to this. They can sometimes be more cost effective, but only if you’re able to dedicate the time to maintaining them regularly.

Frame types

In addition to gear types, you’ll also probably have noticed the three main frame types we offer for our electric bikes. We’ve broken these down below, too:


A more traditional frame - this just means that there’s a horizontal bar (or top tube) that runs from your handlebar stem to your seatpost. It’s ideal if you’re able to swing your leg over your bike. Most of our models are available in crossbar shape.

Low step

If you’re not as easily able to swing your leg over your bike, a low step model might be what you need. There’s no top tube which makes it nice and easy to get onto your bike by stepping through the frame. Most of our models are available in low step shape.

Open frame

Currently only available on the Array, the open frame combines the crossbar and low step shape for the best of both worlds. You’ll still have a top tube, but this will run more diagonally from your handlebar stem, allowing for a lower step than a traditional crossbar model.

If you’re still stuck on which electric bike to choose then please get in touch with our team through our contact form and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process.

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