1983: Year in Review ⏱

Obviously, the Burner release in 1983 was the stand out event of the year but we decided to take a trip down memory lane to recap the other significant events of 1983


Michael Jackson was well and truly the king of pop in 1983 and dominated the charts with classic hits such as 'Billie Jean', 'P.Y.T' and 'Beat It'. As well as this MJ released the iconic 'Thriller' video that changed music videos forever. Although there was some fierce competition in the flourishing music industry with some fantastic singles being released from the likes of Bowie, Prince, The Police, Billy Joel and many more. But the song that held the coveted number 1 spot in the UK charts at Christmas was The Flying Pickets' hit 'Only You'.


Can you guess what the most popular song throughout the rest of the year was though?

Film and TV

The final instalment of the original Star Wars trilogy 'Return of the Jedi' dominated the box office and was by far the most well-received film of 1983 releasing on May 25th, exactly six years after the original film. However, another iconic film that is still watched repeatedly and was similarly released in 1983 is of course the American crime film ‘Scarface’, starring Al Pacino. As for the small screen, UK TV was changed forever when the first ever breakfast TV show was released titled 'Breakfast Time' on BBC One, shortly followed with the launch of ITV's 'Good Morning Britain'. In August of '83 Blockbusters was first aired and went on to become a UK classic, with ITV also making history by screening a live top-flight football match for the first time since 1960.


Liverpool finished the season as champions of the Premier League and League Cup winners, whilst Manchester United successfully lifted their first major trophy under Ron Atkinson as the club celebrated the FA Cup win with thanks to a 4-0 final replay at Wembley. The figure skating champions of the world were Nottinghamshire's very own Torville and Dean and India won the cricket world cup. In the world of golf Seve Ballesteros claimed his second Masters Victory and Steve Cram was awarded the prestigious Sports Personality of the year honour after winning gold at the Helsinki Olympics.


On December the 17th , with Christmas shopping in full force, an IRA bomb exploded outside London store Harrods, injuring 75 people and killing six. The first mobile phones were released to consumers by Motorola, popular BBC comedy series Blackadder released its first episode and the Austin Metro became Britain’s most successful car. Talking of cars, seat belt laws changed which led to both drivers and front seat passengers being required to buckle up and creator James Dyson settled on his first cleaner model named the ‘G-Force’, after changing designs 5127 times. In politics, Margaret Thatcher triumphed in the General Elections in the UK and Sally Ride, became the first American woman to go into space.


But our favourite highlight of 1983, here at Raleigh, is of course the release of the Super Tuff Burner! 

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