Folding Bikes:
Short on
Space, Big on

With our bestselling Stow-A-Way being voted as an Indy Best Buy for 2022, we’re taking a look at the best bits of owning a folding bike.

Why choose a folding bike?

At Raleigh, we LOVE bikes – that’s no secret. But not everyone has the space or the lifestyle to accommodate a standard bike – which, although it might look great, isn’t always easy to store. That’s where a folding bike comes in.

Folding bikes give you all the best bits about a regular bike – the speed, the freedom to get around, the ability to skip traffic jams – all wrapped up in a nifty, foldable frame. For some people, folding bikes are an absolute game-changer. Here’s why.

They’re super portable. One of the best things about folding bikes is the fact that you can bring them just about ANYWHERE. Train ride to work? Bus journey to the countryside? Ferry trip to France? With a super lightweight frame that’s easy to pack away, you can take your folding bike wherever you go. Maybe your commute is too far to do solely on your bike, or you’re going away for the weekend and you need something that’ll fit in the boot. Whatever the journey, you can hop on, hop off, stash it away – easy.

They’re easy to store. This is another huge selling point for folding bikes, especially for anyone short on storage space. Rather than blocking your hallway or cluttering your living room, folding bikes are super easy to fold up and stash away – whether that’s in your cupboard, your garage or the boot of your car.

Plus, they’re really good bikes. Obviously, this bit depends on which folding bike you choose – but there are some fantastic ones on the market (ahem). The best ones come fitted with all the fixings of a seriously good bike, including versatile gears, powerful brakes, robust wheels, a comfy saddle, mudguards and even a pannier rack (so you can transport all your supplies). Although you might need something a little more trail-ready for tougher terrain, folding bikes are perfect for whipping through city streets, riding down country roads and gliding along those more gentle trails.

Raleigh Stow-e-way electric folding bike

Raleigh Stow-A-Way: The Indy Best Buy

And speaking of folding bikes, we’ve got some really exciting news! The Independent voted our beloved Raleigh Stow-A-Way folding bike as their Indy Best Buy of 2022.

This great-looking bike is the ultimate set of wheels for space-savers, city-dwellers, commuters – anyone who needs a little bit of flexibility with their wheels. Weighing just 14.5kg, it’s super easy to transport this nifty bike wherever you need to go. The 20’’ wheels are big enough to get you up to speed quickly, but still small enough to be tucked away whenever you need. And with seven-speed Shimano Tourney gears, you’ve got all the range you need to tackle those steep inclines.

Complete with mudguards, alloy V-brakes, a padded saddle, pannier rack and a really smart finish, the Stow-A-Way has everything you need to live your life on two wheels – without blocking your hallway.

Check out the full review in The Independent, or pick up your own set of space-saving wheels here.

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