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Burner Fans?

As part of our build up to the 2019 launch of the limited edition Super Tuff Burner we're bringing you all things burner related! Here's a few of the biggest celebrity Burner fans.

Jamie Oliver

As the UK's most loved Chef we're sure you'll have heard of Jamie Oliver before!  With a TV career of almost 20 years behind him as well as an extensive number of bestselling cook books under his belt you'd need to have spend the last two decades under a rock not to have heard of him.  But did you know that he was a Raleigh burner fan?  Well, in fact, as a post on his Instagram account shows he's quite the collector.  His Raleigh collection also includes a Raleigh Boxer and Raleigh Grifter alongside his Superfly and Team Burners.  It certainly seems that the chef is into the old school cool - who knew!

Keith Lemon

Turns out our favourite bleach-blonde, super-tanned Yorkshire man is a pretty big Raleigh fan too!  Juggling his time between the many prime time TV shows including Celebrity Juice, Through the Keyhole and The Keith & Paddy Picture Show must leave Keith little time left to himself.

But despite a hectic schedule it seems good old Lemon still loves his Burner and finds a little spare time to bomb about with his BMX pals.  If we were guessing we'd say the crude jokes are probably also a key element of those rides too... OOOoosh!

Paddy McGuinness

Comedian and television presenter Paddy McGuinness is best known for his roles in Phoenix Nights, Take Me Out and The Keith & Paddy Picture Show.  Plus hes a family man; a married father of three - which sounds like a pretty busy schedule if you ask us!  But it seems he still has space in his life for a love of Raleigh Burners.

Pictured here is his beautiful Team Burner, we think a shiny new Super Tuff will go nicely in his collection and maybe he'll join Keith's BMX gang!

Jamie Bestwick

Nottingham-born Jamie Bestwick has been riding BMXs since he was only 10 years old.  The 13-time X-GAMES Gold BMX Vert winner became an unbeatable force to be reckoned with, racking up gold medals 9 years in a row before taking silver in 2015.

Late last summer Jamie called in to Raleigh HQ while he was back in the UK.  Jamie admitted he'd always lusted after the Raleigh Team Aero Pro Burner as teenager and was stoked to see the original survivor we keep at Raleigh HQ.  It goes to show no matter who you are, everybody loves the iconic Burner!

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