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Ladies, if you’re thinking of taking on cycling as your mode of transport to work, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several ladies bikes to choose from. From classic models to our latest hybrid designs built as 46cm - 50cm frames, to help make your life easier, we’ve written up reasons why each style could be the one for you.

The Most Instagram-able Bike

A photo of the Raleigh Willow classic bike

Complete your look with our most Instagram-able bike - the retro-inspired Willow. If you’re looking for a vintage ladies bike with a basket, the Willow comes equipped with a classic wicker style on the front. Its low step frame makes it super easy to hop on and cycle around town and zip over to see your friends. The classic look and easy-on the eye colours (choose from dusky pink, green, biscuit, and cream) exudes 1930s chic, making it one of the most intriguing and photogenic styles available.

Pretty as well as practical, store your essentials in the front basket and for more cargo, attach your bag to the pannier rack and you’re good to go. Designed to be incredibly lightweight and comfortable with its adjustable seat, the Willow is a solid bike suitable for both commuting and leisurely days out. Time to turn heads!

The One If You Don’t Have Much Room

Woman standing with a Stow-e-way folding ebike near the beach coast

For city dwellers inhabiting a flat or small home, if storage space is a sticking point for you, then a ladies folding bike is the perfect solution. If you don’t have access to a bike shed or garage, folding bikes offer a simple alternative to a standard model, so you can still get your riding fix without worrying about where to store your wheels.

Plus, for those that want to help the environment but still have to use public transport, you’re allowed to take a folding bike on the train or bus. Once it’s folded down, it can neatly fit within the luggage store - your commute just became greener!

Check out our Stow-E-Way folding cycle model.

The Bike For Pretty Much Everything

A Lady riding the Raleigh Pioneer in the city

Hybrid bikes are a must-have if you’re on the hunt for a ride that will take you to work and through to the weekend for an adventure. Built with a lightweight frame and versatile tread pattern to cope with rough and smooth terrain, ladies hybrid bikes have been developed to cover all kinds of ground. You can buy a hybrid bike in both standard and electric styles - particularly helpful if you cycle a hilly route, and each of which are available on either the Cycle To Work Scheme or our Electric Bike Access scheme (save up to 42%!).

Fitted with a pannier rack, choose from the elegant low-step style or the city-slick cross-bar variety. The low-step frame is designed to provide a gentler way to hopping on your bike (plus, it’s easier if you’re wearing a long skirt!) and the cross-bar gives you a sportier edge.

Browse our ladies hybrid bike range.

The One If You’re An Adrenaline Junkie

Raleigh Strada X

A ladies mountain bike wouldn’t be our first choice as a commuter model, but since they’re made to support both road and rough terrain, this one is for you if your trek to work mostly covers uneven ground.

We’ve teamed with our Partner brand, Lapierre, to supply a range of compact and durable ladies mountain bikes to take you straight to work from your door. Each sporting the cross-bar style, have no fear riding one of these as you can hit the terrain knowing your bike has been built with a longer suspension fork to cope with the impact. Get your adrenaline hit before your day has properly begun!

Even better, all our ladies bikes are available to purchase on 0% interest and all orders include free home delivery! We can’t wait to find out which style you go for.

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