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Angles For The Gram

We know how important it is to capture that perfect shot for the Gram. Great angles equal a great feed. In the words of New Girl’s, Schmitt, ‘Can we just take a minute to celebrate me?’ and the answer is yes. Pose away. The only issue that sometimes arises is that the shape of a bike can leave many questioning how to grab its best angle.

We thought it was only right that we share the tricks and tips we’ve picked up over the years. They’re all totally serious tips and actually, we’re offended that you think we’re just being silly, tbh. We’ve even helped with some totally meaningful nice are we?!

1. I Don’t Know Where I’m Going, but I’m on My Way

For this one, you might need to recruit someone to help you capture some motion shots, but they’re well worth grabbing. Angular poses look great and elongate the shot (probably?). Pull a face, kick your heels out and have fun with it. Shooting your bike side on is a great way to capture the frame shape, colour, and any accessories such as a rear pannier rack (that bit actually is true).

Lady riding a Raleigh Motus

2. Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style

Don’t we just know it, eh? The Raleigh ethos is focused on the joy of cycling. Capturing your bike front-on gives you the perfect opportunity to capture your face front-on too. Crack a beaming grin and show us those pearly whites. For added dramatic effect, look off into the distance and leave your audience asking ‘what are they looking at?’. He was actually just laughing at the marketing department’s list of shots, but they grab some great ones, right?

Man on a Raleigh Pioneer bike

3. Life Is Too Short for Bad Vibes

Sometimes the best way to capture the perfect angle for the gram is to freestyle it and see where the mood takes you. If it takes you to a funky vibe with stellar dance moves, then so be it, we love to see it. So dance like no one is watching (except your photographer), love your bike like you’ve never fallen off, and sing like nobody’s listening (because how can you dance in silence?!).

Lady on the Raleigh Hoppa bike

Now you’ve got all of those great tips, there will be no stopping you from making photographic statements all over the social media sphere. But please make sure you tag us, it makes the Raleigh social team very happy.

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