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The iconic MK1 Raleigh Super Tuff Burner rides again.

Are You Ready To Ride Again?

From Marvel to Star Wars to Stranger Things, the past is alive inside us. And nowhere does misty-eyed nostalgia pack a more powerful punch than when we think back to our favourite bikes.

First stealing riders’ hearts back in 1983, the iconic MK1 Raleigh Super Tuff Burner earned its legendary status for its stunning good looks and stokin’ performance. It’s a bike to set pulses racing, and get hearts melting.

Now the Legend is Back.

Having already brought back the classic Team Aero Pro Burner and the Chrome Aero Pro Burner to rave reviews, the iconic MK1 Raleigh Super Tuff Burner was re-launched in October 2019 and sold out quickly.

Raleigh Super Tuff Burner BMX

Why We Love It

Thoughts of the MK1 Raleigh Super Tuff Burner’s unique gold super chrome finish, black skyway mag wheels and double hole frame with loop tail rear mean excitement is building. We know that with the history and heritage of the Super Tuff Burner it holds a special place in the hearts of a generation who owned (or desperately wished they owned) this iconic bike as a kid. So we can't wait to bring back that same sense of fun and spontaneity (and, yes, mischief!) of your youth, a way back to a more adventurous, less responsible time.

But this year we also want to bring the Burner to the next generation, the youth of today. Those who are searching for a way to stand out from the crowd and express their own individuality, who are looking for something different! And now the search for uniqueness and creativity is over, the Burner rides again this autumn in an exclusive limited edition drop.*

*The Super Tuff Burner went on sale as a one off limited edition run in October 2019, they were snapped up and sold out quickly. They are no longer available to purchase.

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