The BEST commuter bikes

It’s never too late to start commuting to work on a bike. In fact, the most common purpose for cycling is commuting, with 37% of people using a bike to get to work - and you can see why. Travelling in from either rural or urban areas, cycling to your workplace enables you to get outdoors, beat the traffic, and tick off your daily exercise requirement all before you’ve sat down at your desk.

Overall, the time it takes to commute to work is the longest it’s ever been, but luckily this isn’t the case for those who ride a bike. Cyclists have, on average, the quickest commuter journey compared to those who drive a car or use public transport, as it’s easier for riders to avoid delays on the road caused by bad traffic or poorly ran timetables.

If this information is enough to kick-start you to consider cycling to work, it’s time to invest in a commuter bike which will sustain your journey and provide you with the best equipment to arrive at work safely.

The best commuter bikes

Luckily for new and experienced riders, commuter bikes have much more selection as you can choose from a range of hybrid, electric or touring bikes, each designed to transport you to the workplace, and you can even carry your bag without affecting your ride.

To decide on what is the best commuter bike for you, take a look at our top 5 bikes which we’re confident will provide you with an enjoyable journey and a great experience travelling to work.

The best commuter bike on a budget - under £500

Our Pioneer 1 crossbar is a great commuter bike to start out with. Designed for comfort and practicality, you can sustain an upright seating position throughout your entire journey. Built with CST Zepplin high

volume tyres, they’re equipped with puncture protection so you can ride assured you won’t be left stranded on the side of the road to repair a flat tyre. The Pioneer 1 is also suitable for commuting throughout the

day and night, with reflective strips attached around the tyre rim so you will be easily spotted by other road users.

Key features

  • Also features a handy pannier rack to carry your bags
  • Fitted with mudguards to protect you from dirt
  • 21 Shimano gears to play with

Road Bikes

If you’re up for a challenge and have a lengthy commute, the Strada 2 crossbar is ideal for long distance travelling. Lightweight and robust, Strada 2 is fitted with 650b wheels for nimbler, improved handling and faster acceleration. These tyres can run at a lower pressure, which means if you’re travelling over an uneven gravel surface, you’ll feel less of a jolt if you hit a bump.

Perfect for riders who live in a rural area and commute into the city; you won’t be disappointed by its ability to cope well on different terrains, making your journey seamless.

Key features

  • Lightweight sports riding style
  • Available in a crossbar or open frame
  • Fitted with Shimano’s EZ fire shifters to make gear changes simpler

Hybrid bikes

Perfect for riding in different conditions, a hybrid bike is a cross between a mountain and road bike.

If you’re an adventurist, our lightweight Mustang Elite is perfect to use on the road AND to rally around on tarmac, mud, gravel and even over those pesky potholes. Built with a double butted aluminium frame and a tapered headtube with gravel frame geometry; this hybrid bike provides a comfortable ride allowing you to take a more relaxed seating position, ideal for a long commute or an epic endurance trail on the weekend.

Key Features

  • Brilliant for road and off-road terrain
  • Tubeless rims
  • TRP Spyre disc brakes

Electric commuter bikes

For a commute that will take you to work without working up a sweat, electric bikes are a fantastic solution. Fitted with a rechargeable battery, electric bikes couldn’t be more perfect to power you along a long commute, particularly if you have to climb hills or carry a weighty load. E-bikes are revolutionary, with a range of foldable, touring and hybrid styles to try, and they’re all equipped with our intuvia display system so you can stay on top of your pace.

If you’re commuting with bags to carry, take a weight off your mind riding a touring bike. Equipped with a rear pannier rack, a touring bike is useful for riding to work without having to throw a heavy bag on your back or shoulder. Available in either low step or crossbar, the Motus Tour is easy to ride for both men and women. With power assisted riding, you can travel further on the 400WH battery and up to 110 miles on a single charge*.

* Depending on the mode selected, rider weight and road and weather conditions

Key features

  • Gear shift indicator to optimise battery consumption
  • Intuvia can even charge your mobile
  • Feather-light bike weight at 2.9kgs

CTA: Enter your details on our bike size calculator.

Folding bikes

With cyclists in London facing tighter restrictions with bikes banned from the tube during rush hour, a folding electric bike is brilliant for commuters who need to avoid hold ups or delays on their journey into the city.

The electric Stow-e way is great if you have to commute by train and by road as they can be folded into a slick 880mm x 800mm x 440mm, which is small to be transported on the tube or a bus. If you don’t have a bike shed at work, it’s even small enough to store under your desk.

With the battery powerful enough to travel 50km, it’s a compact bike which packs a punch, taking you from your doorstep to the workplace without having to compromise on securing your bike at the train station.

Key features

  • Storage for your bag or equipment
  • Fitted with mudguards to protect you from getting your clothes ruined
  • An automatic light system which triggers as the sun goes down so you’ll be seen by other drivers and cyclists
  • Also small enough to take you from work and pack away for your staycation

Whatever the length of your journey, you can’t go wrong choosing either a hybrid, electric or touring commuter bike to get you to work. Each are fitted with several gear settings, mudguards to keep you protected from grime and a practical pannier rack to securely hold your luggage

If you think riding to work on a bike is right for you, take the next step and find out what style and size is best using our bike finder tool.