The Centros as a commuter

If you’re choosing to commute to work on a bike then you only want the best, particularly in the chillier seasons. You need to focus on comfort, safety and style – you can find all three of these in our new Centros range. The Centros is our latest electric bike, it’s a premium ebike that is ideal for any city commuter that wants to get anywhere fast.

Easy to charge

With the Centros, charging is super simple. The in-built battery can be easily unclipped from the centre crossbar of the bike or charged directly from the bike itself. It’s effortless and convenient so you can charge your bike and home or in the office.

In-built lights

Cycling throughout the year means that you’ll be cycling in the dark on some commutes to and from work so it’s important that you’re seen. That’s why when we designed the Centros we included built-in lights so that you’re visible from sunrise to sunset.

Comfort saddle

Your commute is a big part of the day; it’s the first thing you do in the morning so it’s important that you’re comfortable. That’s why we’ve used the Scientia saddle from Selle Royal; it’s been developed following extensive scientific research to create the ultimate comfort riding experience.

Safe and secure

Once you’re in the office, you don’t want to be stressing about your bike and whether it’s still outside or not. That’s why for our ultimate commuter ebike we’ve added a built-in rear wheel lock, a handy security device to ensure the bike can’t be taken and you can lock the battery away carefully using your own individual key.

Everything you need to know

The Centros uses a Bosch motor system, this includes an Intuvia display. The display offers everything you need to know on your ride to work; battery life, assistance mode, gear setting and speed. Meaning you’ll always know when it’s time to get charging and you can always be riding in the optimal gear.

Fully equipped

If you’re going to work then you’re going to need a bag which is why our Centros design is fully equipped with pannier racks so you can put your bags on the back to get them comfortably and safely to work. Plus it’s got the addition of mudguards so that you can get to work without getting all dirty.

Be ready for anything (brakes & suspension)

Your ride needs to be enjoyable all year round so we’ve incorporated hydraulic disc brakes so that your bike has enhanced stopping power whatever the weather throws at you. Plus with front suspension and a suspension seat post your ride will be smooth and safely no matter what the trip to work throws at you.

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