Full speed ahead for Avril the ebike rider

If you keep to up to date with our social media and blog then you may have already met Avril, she recently came to Raleigh HQ to test ride an ebike; you can read her full story here. Well, we've recently been in touch with Avril's daughter to see how she's been getting on with the bike. She's certainly an inspiration to us all, take a read of what she has to say about her Strada Elite Electric:

I have just had a super day on my Strada, strong wind, not a problem 87km and still got 42% battery left.

In the first month of having my Strada I have done 750km in total, I am riding as if I am 10 years younger than my 85 years and now am able to ride out with my club again keeping up with the younger members easily and pain-free.

I had been resisting the idea of an electric bike for some time, heavy and ugly were the way I described them until my daughter arranged for me to visit Raleigh and I met the Strada which is sleek, good looking and lighter than I expected. I realised I had been doing shorter and shorter rides and if it hadn’t been for the help and encouragement from the people at Raleigh I would not be back enjoying my cycling again.

My worries about battery length and running out of charge on a ride have been completely dispelled as when ridden in eco on a fully charged battery I have done 112km in one day and still had charge left, I can also cycle easily without turning electric on.

She's a wonder-woman! Proof that electric bikes are ideal for those that want to get back out and about on their bikes but may just need a little boost. Take a watch of the video to see Avril enjoying her speedy ride.

Unfortunately, at the moment we don't offer test rides for the general public at Raleigh HQ, this was a special case on this occasion. Many of our stockists offer test rides on electric bikes, to find out if there is one near you, take a look at the store locator.

If you would be interested in test rides at Raleigh HQ in the future please sign up here and if this ever becomes a possibility, you'll be the first to know!