What to know if you are dating a cyclist?

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February is officially the month of love and whether you are looking for the one or in a relationship, we have some top advice on what to know if you are dating a cyclist. Below are five points to recognise and be ready for if you are dating a cyclist.

Check before you make weekend plans

The chances are if you are dating a cyclist, they will have plans to ride on the weekends. This may seem frustrating at first if you want to make plans, but this set-up might end up benefiting both of you. This will allow you to have time to pursue your own interests and hobbies and generally have some much-needed alone time. If you are spending time apart on the weekend because of cycling, why not plan a date night so you can make up for your time apart and spend some quality time together?

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Make sure you always have food on hand

If you are dating a cyclist or are a cyclist yourself, you will know the impact of cycling on the body. The more you cycle the more calories you will burn, which means that you need to fuel your body correctly. If you are dating a cyclist maybe keep snacks on you to avoid any hangry pangs after a big cycling workout! However, if you are a cyclist, why not treat your partner to a lovely home cooked meal after your cycling route. This again will ward off any hunger pangs and is a thoughtful gesture as well as earning you lots of brownie points with your partner.


Be prepared to spend money on bikes and accessories

If you are dating a cyclist, you will know that they like to spend money on bikes and accessories. If you aren’t a cyclist this might seem like a lot of money to spend on a hobby, but this might be more beneficial than you first realise. If you have struggled to know what to buy your partner for Christmas, birthdays etc in the past, it now becomes easier as they always have something bike related on their list. Our bike accessories make for an especially great present! This way everyone is a winner as it makes present shopping easy for you and your partner gets something they really want too!


Get ready to put plans on hold

There are certain times of year that are important to a cyclist. Thinking about booking a holiday in July? Maybe think again. This is the month when the Tour de France takes place. This is a multiple stage bicycle race that is primarily held in France, and occasionally passes through nearby countries over 23 days. If you are dating a cyclist, then chances are they will like to watch some if not all stages of this intense race. So maybe compromise on this occasion and take a holiday in August to a destination of your choice instead?


Brace yourself to get fitter

Come rain or shine cyclists will like to be out on their bikes. If you are thinking of getting into cycling, why not ask your partner to go out with you? Cycling is a great way to improve your overall fitness and with regular rides, you will become more effective and efficient at delivering oxygen around your body. This has multiple benefits as it’s a good way to spend quality time together, you get fitter and your partner gets to share their passion and hobby with you. Our electric bikes are a great way to get into cycling as the added motor helps to offer a boost to make your ride easier.


Couple cycling

Whether you are a cyclist or dating one yourself we hope this information was helpful. Cyclists might be intense and enthusiastic individuals, but they might just be your ideal partner!