Riding Into the
New Year

From finding your perfect ride to staying inspired through the January blues, here’s our tips for getting out on your bike this year – in whatever way feels best for you.

Happy 2023, Joyriders!

Whether it’s the promise of a fresh start or the fact that they’ve just eaten their own body weight in mince pies, there’s something about the new year that gets people feeling reflective. That’s when those optimistic, ambitious and nearly impossible-to-achieve resolutions start rolling out. Work out six times a week. Read 70 books. No pizza for breakfast. Etc.

With all that new-year energy pumping through your veins, these kinds of goals can feel really good to make. Maybe you’ll even keep them up for a couple of weeks. But by the time Blue Monday rolls around, most of us will have left them by the wayside, shoved away with our Christmas jumpers and festive socks. Which is why, in terms of kickstarting the new year, we’re taking a different track.

Our top tip for the new year? Do what makes you feel good.

For us, that’s spending more time on our bikes (obviously). And, if you’re reading this, we’re guessing that’s you too. Maybe your bike’s been stuck in the garage for a while and you’re dusting it off for the new year. Maybe you’re brand new to biking and are looking to find your wheels. Wherever you at, we feel you – and we’re here to help you make 2023 one hell of a ride.

With that in mind, here’s some tips to get you joyriding through January (and beyond).

Getting back on the saddle

First off, let’s talk about actually finding the time to ride. Because it can be tough. Between work, family events and staying on top of your washing (why is there always more washing?), it can feel as though every minute of your day is already accounted for. That’s why we’re not suggesting you plan day-long rides in the Peaks just yet (but if you’ve got the time, have at it). Instead, try incorporating cycling into your everyday life.

Man riding a Raleigh Motus hybrid electric bike

Here’s some easy ways to get back on the saddle.

Ride to work

We know, we know – cycling to work isn’t exactly a new idea. The UK Government has a whole scheme promoting it. But we’ll just say this: it doesn’t have to be every day. Start with a sunny day, the kind of day where it feels almost wrong to be sitting in traffic. Try picking a scenic route with plenty of cycle paths, and leave extra time to enjoy a coffee or a croissant on the way. See how you like it!

Ride for errands

This one’s simple, and super easy to implement. Out of bread? Got a letter to send? Need to nip round and water your friend’s plants? Bike it.

Ride with your mates

If you’ve got a friend that likes to ride, kill two birds with one stone and have your catch up on two wheels. Or, if you’re the only one in your clan with a penchant for pedalling, try joining a local cycling club and heading on some group rides.

Ride by yourself

Sometimes, a solo ride is exactly what you need. Try to snatch an hour to take some time to yourself, even if it’s just once a week or once a month. Remember, it’s all about doing what feels right for you.

Finding your ride

Not already got your own set of wheels? Don’t sweat it – the right bike is just around the corner.

If you’re brand new to cycling – or it’s been a while since you’ve ridden – your dream bike might be one with a little bit of extra support. That’s where e-bikes come in handy.

Electric bikes vs traditional bikes

The difference between e-bikes and regular bikes is pretty straightforward. While traditional frames rely entirely on your own pedal power to keep you moving forward, electric bikes use a super-quiet motor to give you a little boost.

How much of a boost you get is entirely up to you. If you’re riding along the flat, or you fancy a bit of a workout, you can turn off the pedal assistance completely and ride it like a regular bike. And if you’re feeling worn out, or you’re faced with a particularly steep hill, you can dial that power back up again. With all the charm and convenience of a regular bike, e-bikes are a great option for commuters, newbie riders, or anyone that wants a bit of extra support.

Staying inspired

Once that January adrenaline burns out, it’s easy to fall back into old habits – like reaching for your car keys instead of your bike helmet. Even though you know, deep down, that a bike ride will feel better.

One of the best ways to stick to your goals – and remember, by goals, we’re talking about those things that make you feel good – is to surround yourself with inspiration. Whether it’s connecting with a local cycling group, discovering new trails or riding to your favourite coffee shop, try to make every ride something to look forward to.

And speaking of inspiration – there’s loads of it over on our Instagram. Head over there to see what other riders are up to, and tag us in your best biking pics to show off all those 2023 rides.

See you on the trail!

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