5 Top Tips
for Winter

There’s nothing the exhilarating rush of cool air when you’re wrapped up cosy and warm followed by the promise of a nice hot cup of tea when you arrive at your destination. Here’s 5 tips to keep you safe this winter.

1. Lights, camera, action

Having lights is a fundamental (and a legal requirement for cycling in the dark) part of winter riding. It’s important to make your presence known to all other road users. They’re especially required in winter as days can be gloomy and overcast so you may need lights in the daytime. Try to be sure that your lights are with you at all times, it means you’re prepared for the weather to change during your ride.

Plus, be sure you’ve charged your lights ahead of time or have spare batteries that you can take with you. Why not pack a torch just in case too?

You can find our bike lights here on the Raleigh online store.

Picture of two Raleigh bike lights.

2. Don’t go hungry

If you’re going out for the whole day, be sure to fill your bag with plenty of supplies. Even if you don’t need a full picnic for lunch, always pack a snack. You never know, you might get lost or choose to go on a longer route than originally planned.

If you’re taking food – you’re going to need a bag! We’ve got plenty that’ll be the perfect fit for your Raleigh bike – take a look at our range of Raleigh bags.

We also have various bottle cages available in our accessory shop, so you can stay hydrated on your ride.

Picture of a Raleigh bike pannier bag.

3. Mudguards

When you live in the UK, it’s inevitable that it will be raining throughout the winter. Which means, it’ll be muddy. You’ll get a constant muddy spray from your tyres and it’ll turn into a soggy ride. Don’t let that stop you cycling!

We have a selection of mudguards, designed to match perfectly with your Raleigh bike. Take a look at our selection of mudguards on the Raleigh online shop.

Gift Guide Ass Saver Mudguard

4. Punctures

When you’re out on a ride, you don’t want to be struck down with a puncture, stopping you from enjoying your full cycling route. Whether it’s a weekend ride or a work commute, take our Raleigh Exhale RP3.0 Hand Pump with you so you’re ready for any bumps along the way – you can keep in it your handy bike bag…

If this particular pump isn’t for you – we have a range of pumps to take on your ride – just take a look at the accessories area on our website.

Weldtite Puncture Repair Kit

5. Helmets

It’s not only mudguards you need for the British weather. With the slippery roads and paths, you may be more likely to have a fall on your bike, so a helmet is a vital accessory to your riding gear! We have a great range of bike helmets – for kids, teens and adults – take a look at our helmets.

Gift Guide Met Grancorso Helm

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