The UK's Greenest
Commuting Hubs

From commuting by e-bike to public transport, there are many ways that everyone can get to work whilst cutting emissions. This isn’t always easy and there are certain cities across the country that are better positioned to help commuters find greener ways to work. Based on commuting times, percent of sustainable commutes, and transport emissions, we’ve highlighted which UK cities have the greenest commutes.

1. Brighton - Green Score: 74

Brighton tops our list with one of the most sustainable commuting populations in the country with 49.32% of its commuters (defined as those taking public transport, carpooling, cycling or walking to work). In addition, it makes the top 10 of shortest commutes. Nevertheless, it still has a higher percentage of road and transport emissions compared to other cities in the study, with 33.37% of the cities total emissions coming from transport.

brighton city centre

2. Oxford - Green Score: 74

Oxford just misses out on the top spot due to its longer median commuting time and fewer sustainable commutes compared to Brighton. However, its road emissions score more than make up for it. In fact, Oxford has the second lowest road transport emissions of all cities in the study coming at 22.03%.

Oxford town centre

3. Bradford - Green Score: 72

Coming in third is Bradford. It has the third most sustainable commuters in the country with over half (51.60%) of commuters opting to take public transport or some other form of low-carbon travel, like cycling to work. However, Bradford’s median commuting time and emissions score both leave room for improvement - with 27.46% of the city’s emissions coming from roads and other transport, it sits just outside the top 10 for emissions alone.

bradford city centre

4. Liverpool - Green Score: 37

Liverpool continues to transform and now graces the top 10 sustainable commuting populations in the country with 44.59% opting for sustainable transport into the office. And despite coming 13th for transport emissions, less than a third (29.98%) of the city’s carbon emissions come from transport. It looks like workers are to thank.

Liverpool city centre

5. Hull - Green Score: 70

Hull workers may not be the most sustainable with only 36.23% opting to go without their car to work, but its shorter commuting times and lower transport emissions makes it still one of the greener cities on our list. The median commuting time for workers is 18.15 minutes and despite the number of drivers, only 26.25% of the city’s emissions come from transport. If you’re looking for ways to cut down on your emissions, re-evaluate your work commute. If you think you live too far away for a normal push bike, consider getting an e-bike for that additional boost that doesn’t leave a hair out of place (or have you sweating before you even get to the office). Better yet, our folding electric bikes are perfect for its lightweight convenience. Even deciding to carpool or taking the bus or train into work is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint (and save you money!) Every little thing count on our way to cutting our collective carbon footprint.

Hull city centre

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