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Cycling is not only a great form of exercise and way to get you around, but it’s also a great means of exploring when travelling around the world. Whether you’re taking an ebike to help you tackle some of the world’s most gruelling cycle paths or you’re just following a trail on the outskirts of the world’s best cities, we’ve compiled a list of cycling tours that are must-sees and should be on any travel or cycling junkie’s bucket list. We’ve compiled a list of the best reviewed bike paths around the world based on TripAdvisor reviews.

Sandra Farms, Puerto Rico

1. Sandra Farms, Puerto Rico - 96.15% excellent rating

If you’re a coffee lover looking for a mix of adventure and learning, then Sandra Farms in Puerto Rico has just the ticket. Located 2 hours outside of San Juan, this speciality coffee farm is full of incredible views and the rocky terrain is perfect for those looking for a challenge in the middle of Puerto Rico’s lush landscape.

Riobamba Ecuador

2. Riobamba, Ecuador - 95.68% excellent rating

This year’s Tokyo Olympics saw Richard Carapaz become Ecuador’s second athlete ever to win the gold. His incredible ride up Mount Fuji and inspiring finish has helped shine a light on the South American country. And as gruelling as his ascent looked in that road race, Pro Bici--located in the centre of the country along the Andes--is also not for the faint of heart. This challenging ride is for those looking for a thrill pushing the limits of your mountain biking skills. You’ll be rewarded with incredible views of the mountains and the Ecuadorian countryside for an all-around breathtaking experience.

Okanagan Rail Trail, Canada

3. Okanagan Rail Trail, Canada - 91.11% excellent rating

The Okanagan Rail Trail is perfect for those looking for a relaxing ride with gorgeous views. This gravel path along an old rail line takes riders past Kalamalka Lake, a pristine lake that could rival the beauty of any of the world’s clearest aquamarine beaches. As it’s on an old rail line, the track is flat and perfect for riders of all levels.

Réunion Island

4. Réunion Bike Adventure, Réunion Island - 85.71% excellent rating

Réunion is a small French island in the Indian Ocean between Mauritius and Madagascar so you can imagine how beautiful this volcanic and rainforest landscape will be. Although the trek can be a bit rough until you get your bearings, you will get to indulge in this landscape as you make your way through crowded rainforests and challenging hills. It will be an experience that will be hard to forget.

Shining Sea Bikeway, USA

5. Shining Sea Bikeway, USA - 85.51% excellent rating

This 10.7 mile path through Cape Cod takes riders along the Massachusetts coast, zipping past cranberry bogs, beaches and a bird sanctuary to really take in the cape’s serene landscape. This trail follows the route of a former railroad line that connected New York and Boston up until the mid-1960’s. Like the Okanagan Rail Trail, this route is flat and perfect for riders of all levels while taking in the breathtaking views (and laughing at travellers snarled in traffic).

Whistler Mountain Bike Park, Canada

6. Whistler Mountain Bike Park, Canada - 85.40% excellent rating

Whistler Mountain Bike Park is a must-see if you’re looking to push your limits downhill biking with incredible views. Whether you’re new to mountain biking or looking for a new thrill, this park is perfect for testing your skills on green trails, double blacks and jump trails that snake through the forest of British Columbia.

Alpine Loop, USA

7. Alpine Loop, USA - 85.19% excellent rating

Colorado is an outdoor paradise, known for its Rocky Mountain highs and Colorado River valleys. The Alpine Loop is full of it all. Starting and ending in the old mining town of Silverton, this trek takes riders up and down some of the beautiful San Juan Mountains, while snaking through old ghost towns and villages. If you’re ready to test your stamina with a 7,800 ascent over 80 miles, then it’s time for you to take on the Great American West.

Waterford Greenway, Ireland

8. Waterford Greenway, Ireland - 83.40% excellent rating

Europe is well known for its large cycle network connecting all sorts of countries and showcasing some of the most breathtaking sights that the continent has to offer and the Waterford Greenway is no exception. Part of EuroVelo 1, this route connects Waterford and Dungarvan in south-east Ireland along an old rail line (clearly there’s a theme). Making its way along the Irish coast and dotted with villages and cafes along the way, this is a great family trip to enjoy some of the best of Ireland.

Turquoise Way Trail, Australia

9. Turquoise Way Trail, Australia - 81.25% excellent rating

Whilst its east coast gets more love with popular cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane attracting millions of visitors every year, you shouldn’t sleep on Western Australia. The Turquoise Way Trail is a great way to explore a 14km stretch of its Coral Coast along Jurien Bay with stunning views of the rugged landscape and aquamarine waters. It makes for a perfect day trip solo or with the whole family, topped off with a refreshing dip in the sea.

Paseo Lineal, Puerto Rico

10. Paseo Lineal, Puerto Rico - 81.25% excellent rating

If you want a beach getaway but can’t sit still for too long, then it may be worth checking out Paseo Lineal along the best beaches in Isabela. Bikers can make their way through lush paths through nature on the way to this sleepy beach. This path is perfect for a little R&R whilst overwhelming you with the deep blues of the sea that melt into the skies above. Between this trip and Sandra’s Coffee, you’ll never want to leave Puerto Rico!

Whether you’re looking for a challenging bucket list item to tick off, or are just looking to tick off exploring some of the world’s most stunning destinations on two wheels, our travel bucket list for cyclists has you covered. To find out which e-bike would be best for your travels and expertise, check out our e-bike guide.

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