The best cycling
holiday destinations

Had enough of cycling in the cold, battling wind and rain? We decided to take a look at the facts to find the top cycling holiday destinations for those of us who might want to experience something other than the Great British weather while we explore on two wheels - whether on electric bikes or regular road bikes.

Europe’s best cycling holidays

We started with a seed list of some of our favourite short-haul holiday destinations here in the UK - featuring classic summer holiday favourites like Spain, France and Italy, as well as some more popular traditional winter holiday destinations like the Czech Republic and Austria.

From there, we put together a list of some of the things we think are most important for any good cycling holiday. So the amount and distance of cycling routes in that country, the average amount of sunshine in the winter months, rainfall for avoiding riding through too many puddles… and of course the cost of that all-important post-cycle beer.

Based on our calculations, Germany comes out as the top destination for your next cycling holiday, with top marks for cycle routes, small amounts of average rainfall and a top 5 ranking on the European Cyclists’ Federation’s (ECF) Cycling Barometer, which measures countries’ cycling-friendliness. See the full table below, along with a map to help plan your next holiday.

sunny cycling

Of course, here at Raleigh we’re very keen on all things cycling. But we’re also pretty big fans of holidays, travel, and topping up our tans. So naturally, a cycling holiday with a bit of sun involved is the best of both worlds. We put our helmets together to think of some of the factors that are most important to cyclists on holiday - things like hours of sun, amount of rainfall, and the amount of dedicated cycle routes available. Here’s our ranking of the best cycling holidays Europe has to offer…

The top 5 best cycling holidays


With over 95 million kilometres of mapped cycle ways and 1,732,891 cycle routes (both table-topping stats in our list), Germany was the clear winner. Though it’s not always the warmest, this could end up being a bit of a blessing if you’re trying to furiously tackle a good portion of those millions of routes. Germany is also arguably one of Europe’s best holiday destinations for electric bike users. As of 2021, Germany, France and the Netherlands (all in our top 10) had 69% of all EU nations’ e-bike charging points. So it’s a great option if you were planning on packing a folding electric bike in your luggage.

Germany Cycling Holiday


With the average post-cycle beer price only a hair over a quid, Hungary offers a fantastic experience for cycling holidays. Ranking a respectable eighth on the ECF Cycling Barometer, the Central European country sees on average only 28.3mm of rainfall per month (third lowest in the study) so you might even get away without packing your waterproof cycling clothes!

Hungary Cycling


A classic holiday favourite, Spain ranks in the top 5 for routes, sunshine and temperature - so it’s a great winter warmer option. With an average of just under 5 hours of sun per day during the winter months, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to top up your winter tan as you cycle. Spain is home to some of the world’s most renowned and beautiful cycle routes, including the Camino de Santiago, Ruta de la Plata and the Way of El Cid.

Spain Cycling Holiday


France boasts over 33 million kilometres of mapped ways and 460,692 different cycle routes, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when planning your next holiday. Though only a short-haul journey away, France is also in the top 10 for hours of sun and the least amount of rainfall, making it a great all-rounder for cycling holidays. Bosch’s e-bike service finder lists 333 charging facilities across France, ideal for taking your electric bike on holiday.

France Cycling Holiday


Top two for both the amount of mapped cycle ways and the number of routes, Italy offers a great experience for cycling holidays. With an average temperature of 20.4° and an average of 7 daily hours of sun, this short-haul holiday favourite delivers pleasant cycling weather and, of course, delicious food for your post-cycle meal!

France Cycling Holiday

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