Plan a Family Bike Ride this Boxing Day

It’s Boxing Day, you’re full of turkey and have spent the last 24 hours inside, sat on your bottom… Time to get some fresh air. This year, why not swap the traditional Boxing Day walk for a bike ride instead?

A festive cycle might be just what you need to spend quality time with the family, away from the scene of Christmas Day bickering and kitchen chaos. What’s more, you’ll get an early start on burning off those extra calories - which of course means you can consume even more later on in the day!

Where to go on your Boxing Day bike ride

As neighbouring families settle in for a second day of over-indulging (no judgement!) you’ll find the roads are still quite clear on Boxing Day. You could take advantage of this with a ride around the city or local villages, a tour of your local Christmas lights and decorations.

Alternatively, leave civilization behind and escape to your nearest winter wonderland. Take the kids - or maybe just a special someone - to explore local cycle routes through fields, woodland and parks. You may think this to be more of a warmer-weather pursuit, but you can’t really beat a crisp winter’s day.

If your Christmas mantra is ‘the more the merrier’, see if you can find an organised ride locally to you where you can meet up with like-minded cyclists and families for a shared experience. This is becoming more common on Boxing Day as well as the big day itself.

Make a day of it

If this all sounds like too much time away from the leftovers and booze - we get it, it’s Christmas - don’t write off the idea just yet. Boxing Day bike rides are a perfect excuse to drop in on your local pub to warm up by the fire with a glass of something festive - just the one glass though, you’ve got to cycle home again, remember.

Don’t think you’ll feel ready for the public? Pack the turkey sandwiches for a wintery family picnic instead. If you do though, make sure to pack plenty of warm drinks, blankets and clothes in your backpacks and panniers - it’ll get chilly once you stop. 

Tips for a successful winter family bike ride

To ensure maximum enjoyment on your Boxing Day bike ride, you’ll want to remain safe, warm and comfortable throughout. So what in particular should you keep in mind?

Layer up - It’s going to be cold out but you’ll probably become quite warm once you get cycling. Your best defense against your body’s changing temperature is multiple layers as opposed to thick coats and jumpers. Don’t neglect your extremities; hands and feet will be the first to feel the chill if not appropriately covered. 

Pack extra gear - The British weather is unpredictable at the best of times, sometimes you just get caught out. It’s advisable to take pop some spare cold-weather clothes in a bag, just in case. 

Be seen - Reduced visibility due to bad weather and the nights drawing in can be a problem for cyclists. Regardless of how much time you think you have, err on the side of caution - dress brightly and affix lights.

Don’t forget your helmet - When it’s cold it’s tempting to reject your cycling helmet in favour of some warmer headwear. Don’t compromise on safety, instead opt for a helmet liner or headband to cover your ears. 

Keep passengers cosy - Taking little ones in a trailer or seat? Make sure they’ve got extra layers, they’re going to get much colder than you are as they’re not pedalling. Blankets and cushions will make for a very cosy trailer!

Have fun and be merry!

Whatever your plans this holiday season, have a wonderful time and keep safe. If you are thinking about taking the family out for a ride on Boxing Day, you’ll have lots to carry. Take a look through our range of different bike bags and luggage solutions, you’ll be surprised what you can fit in.