The Benefits of Test Riding an Electric Bike

Woman test riding electric bike

The Benefits of Test Riding an Electric Bike

The popularity of electric bikes is growing rapidly and with so many benefits to them it’s easy to see why. You can go further, go faster, or simply just get out if you couldn’t before. But if you’re looking to purchase one where do you start? With a test ride!

Why do you need to test an electric bike?

Would you buy a car without test driving it? What about a sofa, would you buy one without testing its comfort? Most people will answer no, and that’s understandable. When spending a large amount of money on any product you need to make sure you’re getting nothing but the best.

Where can I try one?

Most good bike shops offer test rides, as it’s an important part of buying your new bike. It’s always best to contact them first to arrange this. You can find your nearest Raleigh dealer, and even book your test ride here:


There’s so many out there, which ones should I try?

Although electric bikes may seem a little more complex, the only addition is the e-bike system. All other components including your gears, suspension, and brakes are the same as on a standard bike. Try as many as you can, and seek advice from knowledgeable e-bike experts in store who will help to make sure you get the right bike for your needs.

What e-bike system do I want to try?

If the answer to this question is – I don’t know. Then maybe try out a few to compare, different systems can give a very different feel to your ride. There are also crank or wheel driven motors and it’s worth trying both too. Bosch are one of the market leaders in electric bike motors and produce a range of motors to suit every riding style.

What battery size do I need?

If you were to buy a bike then decide that you need a bigger battery they’re not cheap, so this will be something you’ll need to have a good think about pre-purchase. Nearly all electric bike owners will end up riding more miles than before, so bear this in mind when working out your mileage.

What about size?

Bikes are like shoes, there’s not one size fits all. In the same way, it’s always best to try the right size bike so it doesn’t feel too big or small. It’s always worth visiting your local bike shop where they’ll be able to size you up for a bike. Alternatively, most brands have a size guide, you can find ours here:

During the test ride, what things should I be looking for?

  • Does it feel comfortable? Make sure you’re not straining your neck too much, and you have a slight bend in your elbows.
  • Make sure you try it up a hill so you can feel how well it pulls you up.
  • Try all your gears. Do you have enough range to get you up a hill?
  • Don’t forget to try all the different levels of assistance too.


There’s nothing like test riding an electric bike yourself, even if you have friends and family who have them already. More and more retailers are also holding demo days so people can experience the power of electric bikes. There’s no surprise their popularity is rapidly growing, they give you the power to go further and faster.