Planning Your Own E-Tour: Electric Bike Adventures

Have you taken a visit to your local bike shop lately? If so, you may have partaken in a little healthy competition. Our independent dealers are in a virtual race up and down the country to claim the champion spot in the Raleigh e-tour of Britain.

Our partners are battling from John O’Groats to Land’s End and each test ride equates to ten miles on a Raleigh Motus.

Fancy planning your own e-tour, perhaps with friends or colleagues? We’ve compiled a list of top tips below so that you can focus on winning your championship!

No bike, no problem.

All the idea, but no bike gear? Throughout the month of November* we are offering £200 worth of free parts and accessories with the purchase of our Centros and Motus range bikes and £100 with our Array or Stow-E-Way models. Our electric bikes help you travel further, faster and are a great way of racking up the miles and keeping fit whilst providing the extra boost when you need it most.

Two’s company, three’s a competition.

Before embarking on your e-tour, round up some friends or colleagues to spark some friendly competition. Competing against other people will encourage you to go further as you each battle to claim the top spot. Working out with other people has been shown to encourage consistent workout routines, increased exercise times and improved performance.

Set the goal

Whether you’re racking up the miles on your daily commute, or hitting the trails at the weekend, it’s important to establish your e-tour goal. Are you aiming for a number? Or perhaps following a similar style to our e-tour and racing the length of the country? There’s lots of scope to customise your tour. If you each pay a race ‘entry fee’, you could plan markers along the route with prize incentives.

Get kitted out.

If you’ve taken advantage of our November offer, then you’ll have up to £200 to play with. To get you started, we recommend a good quality helmet, gloves to protect your hands from the elements and a trusty repair kit to keep you moving. Some accessories make your ride safer and some help you to be comfortable for the duration of your ride.

Get further. Go electric.

Electric bikes open a whole new world of opportunities. Our ultimate lifestyle electric bike, the s,Motu delivers a premium electric experience. Using the latest technology and quality components, the power-assisted pedalling makes it easier to cycle for longer, helping you to come out as the victor in your very own e-tour.

Above all else, our top tip is to have fun. Whether you are an avid cyclist or haven’t ridden in a while, fall in love with cycling and the spirit of the competition and get on your bike.


Did you know you can try out the Motus on a virtual test centre? Visit a store participating in the E-Tour of Britain to have a go and experience electric.


*November promotion runs from 1/11 – 28/11