Reasons why you need a folding bike in your life

You could say that folding bikes look… a little odd? They certainly look cooler now than they used too and they are great for commuting on. So why do you need a folding bike in your life? There are plenty of reasons to get any bike particularly fitness and lifestyle, but a folding bike can bring more practicality to your cycling life. We’ve put together reasons why you need a folding bike, hopefully we can convince you… and if we do, you should check out our new model folding bike online now.


A folding bike is practical for many reasons; it’s lighter, it’s compact and fits into much smaller spaces. They can often fold into three meaning you can put it in a cupboard at home out of the way, you can keep it under your desk at work during the day or it’ll fit into a small boot if you’re wanting to take it with you somewhere. If it starts to rain, you can hop onto a bus with your foldaway bike easily and finish the rest of your journey on the bus.

Low maintenance

Folding bikes offer relatively low maintenance; as long as you’ve got air in your tyres, the lights are charged and the chain is oiled you should be good to go! Though it is also important to check them before every ride and if you feel like something seems wrong with your bike, take it to your local store for them to check it out properly.

Better for your lungs

It’s pretty obvious that fresh air is great or you. If you’re sat in a car you will be inhaling more exhaust fumes than on a bike. So if you are cycling to work you’ll be inhaling more fresh air – especially as there might be a countryside back route for you to take to the office.

Conversation starter

Folding bikes certainly look different to a regular bike so it might be that when you are folding or unfolding it people ask you about what you are doing. They’ll want to know what the unusual contraption is that you have – maybe you can convince them they need one too!

Easy to use

Folding bikes – particularly the Raleigh Stowaway – often only have a few steps till the bike is ready to use. The Stowaway has three steps for you to complete before the bike is ready to ride. It’s easy to use and it’s easy to pack away again.


A strange term for a bike but it simply means you can cycle your bike for the entirety of a journey, or you could cycle some and put your bike on a bus for the second part of your journey – this could be in a car or on a train too. It’s versatile for transportation and doesn’t give any restrictions on your ride.


Folding bikes can be much more secure as you are able to take them inside the office instead of having to lock them up outside. You can neatly tuck it under your desk where no one can really steal it as you’ll be calmly guarding it throughout the day.