10 Things you need at a (cycling) festival

Festival Packing

We know that it can be hard to remember everything you’ll need for a fun packed family day out.  That’s why we’ve pulled together an essential checklist of everything you might want with you if you’re attending Pedalfest this weekend…. It’s okay, you can thank us later!

  1. Your tickets

It goes without saying… there’s nothing worse than turning up at a festival or event only to find that you’re missing the key thing that gains you entry – your tickets!  That’s why it’s the number one priority on our checklist.

  1. SnacksFood at Pedalfest

We’ll have a number of food options available at Pedalfest for you to dig into including gourmet burgers, a deli option and food from the on-site Sherwood Pines café.  But if these options aren’t quite your style or you just like to be prepared then there’s nothing better than a handy snack or two to carry around with you.  Plus if you’re taking part in our longer guided rides you might find you need the extra energy boost!

  1. A cold one

Whether you’re tucking into a cold beer from our festival beer truck or just getting your hands on an extra cool bottle of water there’s nothing better that a thirst quenching drink!  Plus it’s essential to make sure that you stay hydrated at a festival to keep you going all day long.

  1. Great entertainment

Now, though this one isn’t and item to bring with you it is a pretty essential part of any festival and a cycling festival is no different.  We’ll have loads of great entertainment on hand for all ages during the weekend including live music from a number of local and up and coming artists, a magic act for the kids plus a BMX stunt show for the adrenaline seekers among you.  Want to know more?  Just check out the details on our Facebook page.

  1. Sensible shoes

Sensible shoes are essential at any festival but at a cycling festival they’re even more important to making sure you get the most out of your day.  You’ll need to be wearing suitable footwear to test ride any of the bikes that we have available over the weekend for your own safety – a pair of trainers will do just fine!

  1. Photo Identification

You’ll need a form of photographic identification if you plan to test ride any of our electric bikes or to buy alcohol onsite at Pedalfest.  If you’re planning on test riding one of our bikes just bring along your photo ID which we’ll exchange for a wristband enabling you to try out as many bikes as you like.  We’ll keep your ID safe while you ride and when you’ve finished simply pop back to us and we’ll return it to you.

  1. Sun protection

Believe it or not the great British weather hasn’t let us down this weekend!  There are highs of 21 degrees expected this weekend at Pedalfest so it’s important to make sure you’re prepared to spend the day in the sunshine.  We’ll have indoor and shaded areas at Pedalfest however we would recommend bringing some sun cream or a sun hat along with you particularly for the little ones!

whats on at Pedalfest

  1. Something waterproof

Despite the glorious weather forecast it’s always best to be prepared particularly when it comes to British weather.  Why not bring a waterproof picnic blanket for a nice relaxed family lunch on the grass?

  1. Riding gear

What’s the point of going to a cycling festival if you’re not going to cycle!?  We’ll have helmets on hand for you to borrow if you’d like to test ride one of our bikes although you’re welcome to bring your own along if you’d prefer.  Though you won’t need proper riding gear to test ride our bikes we’d recommend wearing something you feel comfortable riding in – and if that’s your full MTB gear then we’re cool with that!


  1. The whole family!

Pedalfest is suitable for all ages and there’s nothing better than enjoying a great family day out in the sunshine or a good laugh with friends.  So if you know someone who still hasn’t booked their tickets then get them to visit www.raleigh.co.uk/pedalfest… There’s still time! (just)


There’s only two days to go until we open the gates for Pedalfest 2018 and the team here at Raleigh can’t wait. We’ve already started setting up at Sherwood Pines and we’re thrilled to say that things are looking great already.  We can’t wait to see you there!