How to Get the Most out of a Bike Test Ride

Get the most out of a bike test ride

With less than a week until Raleigh attends Pedalfest, a family cycling festival at Sherwood Pines Forest Park, we’re checking in with our Events & Training Manager Mike Kercel to get his top tips on how to get the most out of a bike Test Ride.  At Pedalfest you’ll have the opportunity to test ride a number of electric bikes from the Raleigh range plus we’ll be there in conjunction with partner brands Haibike and Lapierre who will also have bikes available to test ride.

Mike’s top tips to get the most out of a bike test ride:


  1. Take a look at the available bikes in advance and make a hit list!Mike Kercel Events Training Manager Raleigh UK

“I would always advise finding out which bikes will be available before you attend a test ride event!  It’s a great way to make sure that you’re not caught on the spot, and doing some quick research can help make sure that you try out the right bike for you.

This is particularly important if you’re planning to make a purchase at an event.  If you’re just browsing and are new to all this then make sure that you speak to one of the event representatives; by simply telling them a bit about yourself and how you currently ride or plan to ride they’ll be able to suggest which bikes would be best for you to test ride so you make the most of your time at the event.

It’s also worth considering which bike(s) you want to try out most and making sure that you get to take these out on any longer test rides that may be available at the test ride event.  At Pedalfest we’ll be running a number of longer guided rides on two different routes which each have a different difficulty rating.  This sort of thing usually fills up pretty fast so if there’s a particular bike you want to take on a longer route we’d suggest signing up early in the day. ”

  1. …But be open minded about which bikes you try.

“We often find that some people come almost TOO prepared for their test ride! It’s really good to have an idea of what you’re looking for but it’s always good to try other things as a comparison – particularly when you’re test riding an electric bike.  Different motor types and different electric bike systems behave in different ways and can feel completely different to ride.

There’s a lot of information around about which systems and types are “best” but to be honest the best solution is the one that feels right to you.  After all you’re the one who’ll be riding it!”

  1. Make sure that any bike you test ride is properly set up for you

“Bike set up is a frequently overlooked element of a test ride which is a shame because the correct bike set up can make all the difference to your experience on the bike.  Bikes come in different sizes and have adjustable settings because people come in all different shapes and sizes.  Most bikes have adjustable seat posts and handlebars and some more advanced models for mountain biking and road biking have loads more adjustable features.

Riding a bike that is set up correctly for you will make all the difference to the riding experience; it’s more comfortable, feels more natural and prevents pressure being imposed on various parts of your body such as your lower back which can cause problems in the long run.”

  1. Ask questions about the bikes you’re interested in.

“A test ride is the perfect forum to get one-on-one advice from an expert and to discuss anything you don’t understand or what to know more about.  Plus when it comes to electric bikes there’s a whole lot more involved and they’re still pretty new so we often find people are wary of them if they don’t understand them.  If you want to know more about electric bikes we do have a handy Electric Bikes FAQs page that you can check out to get you started.

If your question isn’t answered there then make sure you’ve got your questions ready for the representatives at your test ride event and remember… There’s no such thing as a stupid question!”

  1. Find out if there are any special offers for purchases made during the Test Ride Event.

“You’ll often find that test ride events have a special offer attached to them, it’s a good idea to find out what this is (if there is one) and how long it lasts for.  Some offers may only be valid for the day of the test ride event while others could last for around a couple of weeks afterwards.  Either way, if you’re going to make a purchase you want to make sure you don’t miss out.”

  1. Bring any accessories you’re used to riding with.

“No… I don’t mean bags and bells!  At all of our test ride events we have a selection of helmets on hand and you’ll be required to wear one to test ride one of our bikes.  This is quite common at test ride events to prevent or limit accidents and injury so it’s best to be prepared for this but if you’d like to use your own helmet it won’t be a problem at all.   Ultimately we don’t want your day to end on a sore note and we’re sure you don’t either.

If you’re test riding a sportier bike such as those from our partner brands Lapierre and Haibike and you’re a keen cyclist you may also want to bring along your own pedals or specialist shoes so you can feel in the zone and get the most out of your test ride.”


Which bikes will be available to test ride at Pedalfest?




Mustang Comp Electric Hardseven Range Overvolt Range
Array Crossbar Black Fullseven range Pro Race Sat 629
Strada Elite Electric Allmtn Range Zesty Range
Stow-E-Way Nduro Range Spicy Range
Motus Range Fatsix Range
Captus Range Trekking Range


Pedalfest 2018 Family Festival


Have you booked your tickets for Pedalfest yet?

If you haven’t booked your tickets for Pedalfest yet then there’s still time!  You can check out what’s on the agenda on our dedicated Pedalfest page, but we’ve made sure there will be something for the whole family.  Get guaranteed entry to this fantastic free festival by reserving your tickets online today.


I can’t make it to Pedalfest! Where else can I test ride an electric bike?

We have a number of events taking place up and down the country all year long; some are large events like Pedalfest whereas others are hosted in conjunction with our partner stores.  You can find a list of these on our events page or by following us on facebook.  You will usually find that many bike shops will offer some form of test ride capability particularly on electric bikes.  However this may only be available on a select few models but you’ll usually be able to at least try a bike with the same motor system or type and you’ll almost always be able to sit on the bike you’re interested in.  To find your local Raleigh store use the Find a Store search on our website.