Enjoy your commute, save money and help the planet – all with an ebike 🌎

How green is your commute?

Commuting is one of the most popular reasons for travel in the UK, in accordance to the National Travel Survey 2016. 15% of trips that people made were for the purpose of commuting, clocking up 20% of distances travelled across the UK. This is a significant amount of people travelling, so how is it affecting the planet?

Are we destroying the planet with our constant travel? This is a pretty big question which we certainly do not have the answer to however, we believe we can help by getting people out of the car and into the saddle. So just think for a second - how green is your commute? Do you travel by car, rail, walk, bus or bike? Let's take a look at the UK stats.


of trips in 2016 were for commuting

How many people commute every day?

15% of people travelling a day are commuters, taking up a good chunk of travel on an average day. The average length of a commuting trip is 30 mins and on average a person will commute 1,296 miles per year.

Commuting isn't necessarily a bad thing, people have to get to work after all! However, it's the transport mode that people use that can sometimes cause some reason for concern.

What are the most popular commuting transport types?

Commuting isn't just people driving to work, it includes many modes of transport that people use to get to and from the office. There are three main commuting modes in accordance with the 2016 statistics; car or van, walking and surface rail.

64% of people travel to and from work by car or van, 11% by walking and 7% use surface rail. Plus, out of all surface rail travel, 48% are for commuting, which is exceptionally high.

How can commuting on an electric bike help the environment?

Every person that uses a car or van to get to work is pushing more fumes into the air, contributing to air pollution. Buses are adding to this too, although the carbon footprint of this is then shared between everyone travelling on the bus. Of course, if you carpool with friends and colleagues to work, then you're sharing your carbon footprint - reducing emissions.

So how can a bike help? Well, you could walk to work, but it could be a fair distance you need to commute so a bike is a perfect alternative! You could choose from an electric bike or regular push bike. Using a bike for your commute isn't just saving the planet, it's also helping your purse strings and getting you exercise en route to work.

Isn't it going to take me forever to get to work?

Not necessarily - the average trip for commuting is 10.9 miles. So say you live Croydon and you work directly in the centre of London - that's about 11.3 miles and could take around 1 hour in the car, dependant on traffic of course. On the train it could take you around 20 - 30 minutes, that does include a stuffy train, however...

Now if you cycle on a regular push bike it could still take you an hour but you can avoid the traffic and enjoy the fresh air - on an electric bike, this would be an even quicker commute.

Saving money by commuting on an electric bike

Using a bike to commute is also likely to save you money in the long run, you can buy our bikes on 0% finance and pay monthly for up to 24 months, spreading the cost. On a previous post we went into detail on how much you could save per journey, day, week and month; how much money could you save commuting on an electric bike?

Don't forget, when you start paying for your new bike it won't just be for the commute. You can use it on weekends too, so you enjoy the fresh air over the summer every day of the week. Enjoy the Earth that we need to save!

I live in a small space... how will I fit a bike in my home?

Don't worry - we've thought of that too! We've got our electric folding bike which folds into the convenient size of 880mm x 800mm x 440mm, ideal to tuck into your flat, on the train if you do a mixed commute and perfect for caravanning holidays!

The Stow-E-Way offers a range of up to 50km, it's efficient for getting you to work without working up a sweat and takes up barely any space.

Commuter bike recommendations

We've put together some of our best commuter bikes so you can find the perfect fit for your journey to work.

Mustang Sport

Captus Low Step Hub Gear

Motus Low Step

Strada Elite Electric

So what do you think? Will you be changing your commuting habits?