Burn Off Your Easter Calories On A Bike

Burn Off Your Easter Calories On A Bike

Easter is a wonderful time of year to spend with family in the Spring sunshine, plus there's plenty of chocolate and treats to go around! But do you know how many calories are in each of your favourite treats? Well, we've found out and we've found a way for you to burn them all off.

We've asked around Raleigh HQ for everyone's favourite Easter treats, then we researched how many calories each of these will contribute. We've then put together how hours  you'll need to cycle to burn off the calories - just so you can enjoy the treats and know there's a super easy way of burning them off.

Let's start with an all time favourite:

Cadbury Creme Egg

These delicious chocolate eggs are filled with sugary goodness and contain 177 calories per egg. 


Galaxy Ripple Egg

You may have been feeling indulgent this Easter and delved into a Galaxy ripple egg, meaning you've consumed 1048 calories in one sitting.

Lindt Bunny

Lindt bunnies are indulgent and delicious, you will be adding an extra 550 calories (100g bunny) to your day so get on the bike!

Malteaster Bunny

These tasty little treats may be small but they contain 156 calories - not quite a creme egg!

Whilst all these treats are delicious, we need a way to burn them off! Below is basic grid of how many calories you can burn each hour based on rider weight and cycling speed. These are approximate but could offer a small insight of how much cycling you could do over the next few weeks to burn off those chocolate goodies.


If we base this example on a 75kg rider travelling at 15mph, you could be burning 750 calories per hour. Do this for an hour and a half, you'll be burning off an entire Galaxy Ripple Egg. Go a little slower at 13mph and you can happily enjoy a Lindt bunny with no guilt as this may burn up to 600 calories. Take a look at your eggs and see how long you'd have to ride to burn off your Easter treat intake. 

This information really is just a little bit of fun! However, it is important to remember to balance your food and exercise. Keeping active is important at this time of year when we are surrounded by constant chocolate temptations. We hope you've had a wonderful Easter holiday!