Train fares VS Bicycle expenses – which benefits you more? 🚈🚴🏼‍♀️

If you’re a regular commuter then you’re likely to be affected by the latest rise in train fares (2.3%) – what a pain! Well, we’ve found a possible solution…

Due to the increase in train fares, workers in Britain are forking out a seventh of their incomes on train fares – this is approximately six times as much as employees across Europe, as reported by the Guardian. Time for an example and a little bit of quick maths….

train fares or the Stow-E-WayA train journey from Beeston to Nottingham takes around 6-10 minutes.

Per journey£2.70

Per day: £5.40

Per week: £21.60

Per month: £86.40

£86.40 a month is a lot of money! So… why not cycle? In this particular example, you can cycle from Beeston to Nottingham in 25 mins on your Raleigh bike. The Raleigh Stow-E-Way  electric folding commuter bike could cost you just £45.84 a month for our (folding commuter electric bike). So you’ll get to work, sweat-free, your bike can fold up neatly under your desk, plus you’ll have a spare £40.56. You can spend it or save it – we don’t mind! This example is quite a short commute. There are plenty of people that may have a commute that’s too long to ride, so we have another idea…

Combine your riding and rail journey. Bikes are allowed free of charge on most British trains at most times of day (Sustrans). So why not ride the train part of the way, then cycle a part of your journey. Here comes another example…

If you’re commuting from Croydon to Westminster it’ll take 40 minutes on the train and £11.70 for a day return – 10 minutes of this being a walk from London Victoria to Westminster. All adding up to £234 a month on train tickets.

Croydon to Battersea is a £7.80 return – a 20-minute journey. Then you could cycle the rest of the journey in 25 minutes. A similar time as the full train journey, but after the calculations… a cheaper and healthier option!

£156 + £45.84 = £201.84

Plus, if you got the daily bicycle commute bug, you may decide to cycle the whole journey – it may take you just over an hour, however, it will save you £188.16. Oh, and another bonus… you have a bike that you can use on weekends and holidays too.

Remember, it’s not just the money you’ll be saving by commuting on your bike. There are many other pros to cycling to work and we’ve put together just a few of them.


Trains aren’t always on time, they’re often delayed and sometimes even cancelled – no one can cancel your morning bike ride! Unless you’re out of bed a little late, then a delay is completely unavoidable on a bike. You’ll be the bosses favourite when you walk in at 10 minutes to 8 every morning!


You can leave when you want, you don’t need to stick to restrictive train times. If you’re up a little earlier and ready to go, then you can enjoy a leisurely ride to work or take a longer, scenic route for a change – let the wind flow through your hair!


Instead of rushing to the gym as soon as you get home from work, you can relax because you’ve already done the hard work by cycling to and from work.

Bags & Laptops

You don’t have to cram all of your bags into a small crowded train journey full of grumpy commuters, you can carry your work gear on your back or add panniers to your bike.

Overall, we think it’s an easy decision to make – you’ll be healthier, more in control of your time and it’s a great way of saving money. We may be a little biased but you could always do the calculations yourself!

Use the calculator below, just change the amount you pay each day for your train journey and compare it to £45.84 a month for our Stow-E-Way.  We have plenty of other bikes that would be ideal for your commute just take a look at our commuter bikes online. All with free Home Delivery or Click & Collect – what’s not to love?