With so many different types of electric bike on the market, choosing one that’s right for you can be a difficult decision. However, we are here to help give you all the information you need to make choosing as simple as possible. As industry leaders in e-bikes, we are partnered with global names such as Bosch, Shimano, E Motion and TransX to bring our customers the very best in e-bike technology.


As featured on: Raleigh Motus and Captus
  • Bosch Drive Unit Gets you to your destination quickly and smoothly
  • Active Line Motor
    Provides just the right level of support with every turn of the pedals, making this great for relaxed everyday use and more intense cycling, where you need more of a boost It features an optimised 3-sensor concept, which performs 1000 highly precise measurements per second, affording optimum power tuning and a unique riding experience
  • Active Line Power packs
    These help to ensure the most powerful performance thanks to their long life and high energy density Intuvia on-board computer This is your bikes command centre and allows you to switch between these four different riding modes; Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo. The computer can also display information including speed, battery level, distance travelled and approximate range available

    Shimano Steps

    As featured on: All Raleigh e-bikes
  • Shimano STEPS system
    A smart integrated gear and motor system for a quieter, more powerful and efficient riding experience For Raleigh e-bikes with the STEPS motor, this has been combined with Shimano’s Alfine Di2 electronic hub gear. This allows you to change gear using buttons rather than levers for a fast, smooth and precise gear shift that doesn’t require readjustment
    This system also gives you the choice to set the bike to automatic shift. This responsive option takes in to account the speed of the bicycle and how fast you are pedalling and then automatically tells the Di2 hub which gear to shift in to
    Here the system will, if necessary, temporarily reduce chain tension to allow the hub to change to the right gear
    This will in turn allow for a smoother riding experience for the rider, as you will not have to worry about whether you are in the right gear


    As featured on: Raleigh Array
  • E-motion front motor system
    Raleigh have partnered with Accell Netherlands, Europe’s largest manufacturer of e-bikes, to develop the e-motion front motor system for the array models
  • Custom software
    Provides an even delivery power, allowing the bike to pull away smoothly
    The best you can buy at this price
  • Powerful settings
    With five power levels and a boost function on the twist grip, you can control the assistance the battery gives you to maximise the range, or make the ride as easy as you like. So if you are feeling a bit tired, then just give the boost a twist and off you go!
    The 300WH battery gives a range of up to 108km on the lowest setting or 22km on the highest.
  • D-light motor
    This motor is so small and quiet, that you will hardly notice it, making it ideal for quick commutes and trips around town. You might be surprised how far you can go and with how little effort.


    As featured on: Raleigh Spirit, Pioneer and Strada e-bikes
  • TranzX Based in Taiwan, TranzX are leading the way in terms of creating smart solutions for e-bikes
    Front wheel F15 motor and mid M16 motor
    These are two of the newest systems developed by TranzX and both benefit from new communications technology, ensuring the motor maximises the battery range. They also mean that the bike can be set up by your dealer via a USB link
  • Handle mounted power controls
    These convenient controls are placed close to the grips so that extra boost is never far away
    You can easily select from three power levels and use the speed button for hills or if you are running a bit late!
  • Front wheel motor
    The powerful F15 motor featured on the Raleigh Spirit and Pioneer models, is a geared front wheel motor and provides these bikes with great hill climbing assistance. It can also be used to give you a bit of extra power when you need to pull away quickly at junctions or traffic lights
  • M16 motor with LCD display
    The Raleigh Strada Sport Electric uses the TranzX M16 motor as it is perfect for the more intense type of riding, which this bike is designed for
    The motor is directly connected to the cranks which provides a smooth and efficient transfer of power to the pedal strokes. You wouldn’t even know it was there
    The LCD display shows your speed, range and the power level you are using, so that you always know how well you are doing
  • 9 speed gears
    The Strada, featuring the nine speed Shimano Deore gears and combined with the M16 motor, gives you the ability to easily climb steep hills on trails and on the road and makes speeding along on flats effortless.
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