Strada Elite

What is the Raleigh Elite Electric?

The Raleigh Strada Elite Electric is an urban commuter electric bike that oozes style and has an adapted geometry to improve agility. It’s designed for speed, longevity and comfort. It’s made for everyone to use. The Strada Elite can be used for so many different tracks, terrains and trails that so many different people have been enjoying using them.

Age Doesn’t Mean a Thing

Jane brought her 85 year old mother along to Raleigh HQ to trial our electric bikes, she chose the Strada Elite Electric. Since purchasing the bike, she’s been riding up to 40+ miles a day! An absolute inspiration to us all. Read Jane’s review;

We received top service from Raleigh, had a trial ride put on for my 85 year old mother and with expert advice found the perfect electric bike for her which was then set up exactly as she wanted it. The battery length is good and she has done 90km over two days and still has charge left. The bike is also light enough for her to handle and cycle without the power turned on which is great she is now back up to 40+ miles a day and loves her new bike. Thank you Raleigh top bike top service top sales personnel.

Rewind the Gap – Travel Bloggers

Karen and Colin from Cornwall have been together for 14 years and they've chosen to have an adventure - by travelling Europe in a motor home. They’ve also taken two Raleigh ebikes, the Motus Blue Low Step and Strada Elite Electric.  Their family includes two gorgeous dogs too - you know we love a dog on a bike!

It has been great having the E bikes to whizz around on.  With Cornwall being so hilly the E Bikes have been a real help because at a click of a button it has made it easier work to peddle up the steepest of hills.

Keep up to date with their journey on their blog.

Couples That Commute Together, Stay Together

If you're lucky enough to work near your partner or you may even work in the same place - you can enjoy the commute together. Electric bikes are a great way to commute together, if one person isn't quite as confident riding a bike then they can keep up to speed on the way into work. Or you may just both want some fun on your morning journey - an electric ride is a great way to start the day!

The Raleigh Strada Elite Electric is no longer available but you can still enjoy an electric commute on our range of electric hybrid bikes.

A Smart Commuter

People of all ages commute and ebikes can make it so much easier. You’ll be less worn out when you get to work and you’ll even enjoy the ride in the rain. Watch the Raleigh commute on our Strada Elite Electric.

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