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Making deliveries faster, smoother and that much easier - why you should consider electric cargo bikes for deliveries.

Making deliveries faster, smoother and that much easier, electric cargo bikes are becoming more and more popular. The power assist gives a much-needed boost for those uphill climbs, while the spacious storage area allows for multiple and larger deliveries to be carried at once.

Benefits of Investing in Electric Cargo Bikes for Businesses

More and more businesses and retailers are investing in electric cargo bikes (sometimes called electric utility bikes) thanks to their eco-friendly nature, cost savings and overall efficiency. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, lots of businesses have found that the growth in demand for home deliveries has meant needing new, more efficient delivery methods.

It's estimated that e-cargo bikes can actually make a delivery up to 60% faster than vans or equivalent vehicles. In Europe, estimates suggest over half of all city freight journeys could be replaced by cargo bike.

So why should you consider adding electric cargo bikes to your business plan?

Cost Efficient

As far as we're concerned, the benefits for business e-cargo bikes start before any of your orders are even delivered.

The Raleigh business electric cargo bike range is completely tax deductible for UK businesses, and of course don't require delivery drivers or riders to have a specific licence or road tax. Running costs are extremely minimal (aside from charging up the electric battery and the occasional service), and you won't have to factor in parking permits or emissions taxes as you might for a van or car.


E-cargo bikes are zero emission, so as well as saving money you can do your part in saving the planet too. With electric cargo bikes as part of your fleet, you’re one step closer to achieving net zero business goals. More than 90% of the vans in the UK are diesel, so by switching to the efficiency of bikes, your delivery fleet can make a real difference.

Studies have shown that today's consumers are more interested in a company's environmental credentials than ever. Being able to demonstrate that your orders are delivered sustainably could boost your business image and brand reputation.

Similarly, recent surveys have demonstrated that many customers are willing to purchase goods at a higher price if they're environmentally friendly. A recent YouGov poll found that 57% of UK respondents wouldn't mind paying more for eco-friendly products.

Are Electric Cargo Bikes Good for Deliveries?

An electric cargo bike is the ideal upgrade on delivery vehicles for busy places with lots of traffic (like Central London and many urban areas and other big cities and towns). E-cargo bikes are more compact so they take up less road space, are specifically designed to carry parcels, and they're reliable.

If your business deals in deliveries - of anything from food to fashion - an e-cargo bike could revolutionise the way you carry your last mile deliveries. Raleigh's range of e-cargo bikes can cover up to 50 miles on a single charge, so you can reach more customers on a single shift without having to stop to service.

More Sustainable Deliveries

Naturally, driving a car around for lots of deliveries or heavy goods transportation (and accounting for multiple drivers for some businesses) racks up quite a carbon emissions footprint. Lots of businesses with zero emissions goals and targets around air pollution are turning to the electric cargo bike for its zero emission electric motor.

Lower Transport Costs

As well as reckoning with the emissions from traffic congestion, cars and vans also come with a lot of costs. As well as road tax and insurance, there's the cost of diesel or petrol. Plus, in certain areas you may have to factor in the costs of parking in certain cities, or an emissions surcharge.

After the purchase of the electric bike or e-cargo bike, the cost of ownership is often pretty minimal. There's no road tax or carbon emissions charges for electric cargo bikes, thanks to their zero emissions status. As such, with cargo bike deliveries businesses can often cut admin costs to maximise profit.

Skip the Traffic on an E-bike

While cars, lorries and even electric vans are often caught up in congestion on the roads, electric cargo bikes can often skip the lengthy queues by taking alleyways and cycle lanes for last mile dispatches. Because of their compact size, the bikes can move through alleyways and narrow streets to take a shortcut - particularly useful for beating city traffic.

For a food delivery service, this can mean a much more efficient delivery process compared to traditional van services, that reaches more customers on time. It also means more chance to beat the demand and deliver more orders during peak times without traffic delays. In fact, research has shown that deliveries in Central London made on cargo bikes were completed around 60% faster than those made with vans.

Similarly, the size of a bike means parking up is often much easier compared to diesel vans or larger vehicles. While the storage compartment of an electric cargo bike means you have room for several parcels and packages, it still benefits from the portability and efficiency of a regular bike. So, your riders can wheel onto pavements, into lobbies and easily secure their bike (with a reliable bike lock) whenever they make a delivery.

Boost Last Mile Delivery Times

Because electric cargo bikes are faster, more efficient and easier to manoeuvre through cities, companies can help meet their last mile goals. Supply chain demands and customer expectations of speedy delivery times continue to mount, and one way your business can rise to the challenge is by embracing new technologies.

E-bikes and e-cargo bikes are an increasingly popular option for last mile delivery businesses, thanks to low running costs and overheads combined with ease of delivery. Without having to worry about parking or getting stuck in traffic, bike delivery riders can reach your customers more quickly - helping not only to complete more orders, but also to meet your last mile delivery time targets.

Can I Use an Electric Bike for Uber Eats?

Electric cargo bikes are a great choice for Uber Eats delivery riders - as well as those working for other services such as Deliveroo, Just Eat, Food Hub etc. As well as the many environmental benefits, the electric boost can help make last mile deliveries that much easier.

E-bikes can help you make more deliveries over your shift, and use less energy doing so. The electric motor in an e-bike helps boost acceleration - meaning you can set off from stationary traffic much quicker than regular bikes, without having to over-exert yourself.

You don’t need a licence or car insurance with an e-cargo bike, and you’ll also be able to easily avoid the congestion and traffic that can clog up busy roads. Investing in an e-cargo bike for deliveries can help make Uber Eats deliveries easier and more efficient for you.

Ready to make the switch to e-cargo bikes for your delivery business? Upgrade your delivery service with Raleigh's range of electric cargo bikes for business.

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