What Is an Electric
Cargo Bike?

Across the UK and beyond, local businesses and delivery drivers are starting to swap their vans for electric cargo bikes. But what is an e-cargo bike, and why are they replacing delivery vans?

If you’re interested in the world of e-cargo, here’s everything you need to know – including which are the best electric cargo bikes, how much carrying capacity they have, and how you can get your hands (and feet) on one of them.

What Is an Electric Cargo Bike?

An e-cargo bike is basically an electric bike with a large storage space, designed specifically for carrying cargo.

Rather than having a trailer attached to the back of your bike at the rear wheel, electric cargo bikes include a built-in storage unit at the front. Front loaders with a built-in cargo box make it easier to whip round corners while transporting cargo - whether it's the weekly shop or some local deliveries.

And with an electric motor adding a boost to your pedalling, these nifty electric bicycles will take you further and faster than regular cargo bikes – no matter how heavy your load is. You'll find more space to carry loads further and a welcome pedal assist for pushing away from the traffic lights or climbing particularly challenging hills.

Are electric cargo bikes environmentally friendly?

Like all electric bikes, e-cargos don’t produce any emissions, making them an easy way to do your bit for the planet. As towns and cities battle to reduce their carbon emissions, electric cargo bikes are a great step forward in the fight against climate change.

Electric cargo bikes are also great for getting around congested areas like cities, giving you the freedom to transport goods without getting stuck in rush hour and having to breathe in all those emission fumes. With enough range to cover up to 40 miles on a single charge, you can swap most of your car journeys for an easy-breezy bike ride – with all your cargo safely in tow.

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E-cargo bikes for delivery

With their built-in storage unit and electric pedal assistance, electric cargo bikes are becoming an increasingly popular option for last-mile delivery. Whether you’re a big brand looking to improve your sustainability practices or a local company that needs an affordable way to deliver items, e-cargo bikes come with a whole host of benefits.

Unlike cars and vans, e-cargo bikes produce zero carbon emissions. By swapping your company’s van for an electric cargo bike, you can drastically reduce your brand’s carbon footprint and have less of an impact on air quality and air pollution. Not only is this a big win for the environment, but it’s also good for your business. With shoppers increasingly looking for sustainable and eco-friendly brands, offering a zero-emission delivery service will help cement your company’s sustainability status – giving your customers another reason to shop with you.

For bulkier cargo or more stability, electric cargo trikes are a great versatile option. With a large storage area over three wheels, these electrically-assisted bikes have a larger load carrying capacity and increased stability and durability. Because they're specifically designed for cargo, these trikes are a popular choice for city delivery companies and couriers, with the electric motor offering an extra boost.

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Electric cargo bikes can also be great for your brand’s bottom line. While petrol and diesel vans guzzle fuel while they're stuck in traffic congestion, e-cargo bikes (and electric bikes in general) are incredibly cost-efficient to run – all you need to do is keep the electric bike battery charged and get them serviced once in a while. They don’t need a licence or road tax, and they won’t incur any parking charges while your riders are out and about. They’re also fully tax-deductible, which helps offset the upfront cost of your new fleet of bikes.

E-cargo bikes are especially useful for city centre deliveries. By giving riders the freedom to skip the gridlock and avoid roadworks, a cargo bike can actually get your orders out faster than cars and vans – especially in traffic-heavy areas like Central London. With options for faster, flexible shipping, you can start offering same-day or even same-hour delivery, giving you a huge advantage over your competitors.

E-cargo bikes for families

Electric cargo bikes aren’t just good news for businesses – they’re also great for families. Designed with ample room for your little ones (the most precious load) in safety-tested child seats, family electric bikes are ideal for those days when you'll be transporting children from A to B to C – whether you’re taking them to the park or just dropping them off at nursery. And when the kids hop out, there’s oodles of space for you to do the ‘big shop’.

The Raleigh Stride 2 Family Cargo Bike has built-in child seats for two kids so you can strap them in safely and ride off on two wheels. Great for the school run or dropping off at all those extra-curricular activities, the Stride 2 has a cargo capacity of 80kg and can go up to 40 miles on a single charge.

If you’re looking to reduce your household’s carbon footprint while still maintaining your role as the family chauffeur, e-cargo bikes are a good way to go. Plus, with the electric motor powering you along, you can still tackle those lung-busting hills – kids and all.

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Whether you’re a business looking to reduce your carbon footprint or a family that needs an easy way to carry children to all your commitments, we’ve got the e-cargo bike for you.

Browse our wide range of bikes today to find out more about our e-cargo bikes, and stay tuned for some exciting launches…

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