Family eCargo Bikes

Electric cargo bikes (or e cargo bikes) are quickly becoming the method of choice for business deliveries, but why should they have all the fun? Yes, electric cargo bikes are a great way of transporting goods, but they’re also a great way of transporting food, kids and even dogs!

If you’ve not encountered an e cargo bike before, they’re essentially just large electric bikes equipped with storage boxes placed at the front (the front position makes them much easier to manoeuvre). Electric cargo bikes give you the freedom to step away from traffic build-ups, and make it a lot easier to find a parking space.

Their range of up to 50 miles on a single charge make them perfect for days out with kids or four legged friends. Plus, they’re cheaper to run than a typical car - there’s no need to worry about fuel, no road tax and no parking charges.

Interested? View our range of family e cargo bikes below and take your first step towards sustainable transport for your family.

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