Electric Bike Batteries

All our ebikes use lithium batteries but they do have small differences in terms of system types they're a part of and their sizes. This information can give you an inside into the different types of ebikes that we have.

What type of battery do electric bikes use?

All Raleigh electric bikes use lithium ion batteries, these are very popular among technologies and are often found in laptops and phones. They offer many advantages:
  • They are lighter than many other rechargeable batteries of a similar size.
  • They are great at holding their charge, a lithium ion battery pack only loses about 5% of its charge per month in comparison to 20% loss for NiMH batteries.
  • They have no memory effect. You don't need to completely discharge the battery before recharging.
  • They are able to handle hundreds of charge and discharge cycles.

Lithium ion batteries contain lithium ion cells, they may be cylindrical batteries that look very similar to regular AA batteries.

What is the range of an electric bike battery?

This question is relative to the electric bike itself, it will be dependent on the size of the battery; 300wh or 400wh. Some electric bikes can take you up to 100 kilometres, dependant on usage. There are many factors that can influence the bikes ranges: support level, riding style, air resistance, rider weight, tyre pressure and terrain.  Below we've put together all our ebikes and their respective ranges so if the riding distance is important to you, you can factor it into your decision.

How can I optimise the range of your electric bike?

There are a couple of tips and tricks that can aid the range that your bike will take you.

  • Cadence: Slow pedalling is costly in terms of energy, whereas keeping your cadence above 50 revolutions per minute can optimise your drive unit.
  • Weight: Less luggage will keep the total weight of the bike down and keep your ebike running for longer.
  • Starting & braking:  Just like a car, it's more effective to keep going the longer distance with a constant similar speed.
  • Gear shifting: Keeping in the correct gear will ensure the bike is more efficient, some of our ebikes do this automatically.
  • Tyre pressure: Always inflate tyres to the maximum permissible tyre pressure.

How long do electric bike batteries last?

Again, this is relative to the motor and battery system that each electric bike uses. Some of our electric bikes will last up to 1000 charge cycles. It's best to check each bike spec before you buy to see how long they will last.

How do I maintain and care for my electric bike battery?

Taking care of your electric bike is relatively easy and you can find a lot more information on this on our electric bike maintenance page. Basic tips for keeping your electric battery healthy are to keep a light load on your bike, storing it at a temperature of 0 to 20 Celsius and storing it at approximately 30 to 60% charge. It's also best to park your ebike in the shade as opposed to direct sunlight.

How and when do I charge an electric bike battery?

When you receive your electric bike, you'll also receive a charger and a key. This key will allow you to unlock the battery from the bike so it can easily be removed from the bike, this means you can charge the battery indoors. The screen on your ebike will inform you when your battery is low so you'll know the best time to charge your ebike battery.

When and how do I replace an electric bike battery?

It's highly unlikely you'll ever need to replace your electric bike battery due to their durability. When your ebike battery begins to cause you trouble, it's likely going to be time for an upgrade! Batteries are expensive on their own and you're best to buy yourself a new bike. If you are concerned about any battery or ebike issues, be sure to register the warranty of your bike online. 

Raleigh ebike batteries

Although all Raleigh electric bike batteries are lithium ion, each range of bikes have different motor systems and therefore different battery makes. We currently have Emotion, TransX, Bosch and Shimano battery systems, we've outlined each of the battery features below.

Emotion Battery

✔ 300wh battery

✔ Up to 108km on the lowest setting

✔ 22km on highest electric assist setting

Featured on: Array

TransX Battery

✔  400wh battery

✔  Up to 108km on the lowest setting

✔  22km on highest electric assist setting

Featured on: Spirit, Pioneer and Strada TSE

Shimano Battery

  400wh (Motus) and 300wh (Captus) battery

Featured on: Mustang E and Strada E

Bosch Battery

✔  400wh (Motus) and 300wh (Captus) battery

✔  Between 45 - 180km dependent on assistance level

Featured on: Captus and Motus

Electric bike battery positions


✔ Used on our crossbar models

✔ In both 300wh and 400wh on models


Rack battery

✔ Used on our low step models

✔ In both 300wh and 400wh on models


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