E-Tour of Britain


The Motus E-Tour has begun. A fleet of Motus electric bikes have made their way to stores across the country and are waiting for you.

Test this premium electric bike in our state-of-the-art virtual test centres. Using Zwift training app technology you can experience the joy of riding
the Motus without leaving the store.
Ride real trails and feel how the Motus adapts to tough climbs, speedy descents and everything in between.

Your local virtual test centre

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A premium electric bike experience

The Raleigh Motus combines British design with the latest technology from Bosch. Power-assisted pedalling helps you tackle tougher,
longer routes without slowing down. With this premium range of electric bikes, you'll go further and take more pleasure in getting there.

Choose the right model for you, available in a range of colours and crossbar, open frame and low step frames.