These mini bikes are great for stylish little learners... plus we have matching helmets!


Our classics bikes and Burners are loved by so many, so we’ve created mini versions. These adorable balance bikes mean your little ones can ride the same bike you’ve enjoyed riding for so long!

It’s not only adults that can look classy on a bike ride, your little one can match you with the mini Sherwood! With a co-ordinating helmet, they’ll look stylish, cute and safe.

You may have had a Team Aero Pro Burner when you were younger and now your little cyclist can enjoy one. With a matching Burner helmet, your kid will be the coolest on the street!


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Balance bikes or Stabilisers - Which to schoose for your childs first bike

Find A Store

Our new balance bikes will also be available from selected stores so you may be able to arrange to purchase through a local store directly.  This is a great way to check the sizing of the bike is perfect for your child before purchasing and get expert advice from our partner stores.

The stores listed on our balance bike store map below are the only other place you'll be able to get your hands on one of these limited edition beauties.