Raleigh’s Festive Family Christmas Quiz

The festive period is the perfect time for a Quiz. Put down the Xbox remote, turn off the TV and gather round for some family trivia fun.

We’ve put together a fun family quiz to test your film, food and music knowledge.

Scroll down for top tips to get you started!

Answers at the bottom of the page.

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Raleigh Christmas Quiz

We know when it comes to games and quizzes that families can get overly involved and competitive, so we’ve put together some tips for choosing teams, starting the game, keeping score and solving any in-game issues.

Choosing your teams 

There are a few methods to choosing teams at any occasion, it saves the fuss and moaning from family members and friends.

  • Number everyone around the room and collate the same numbered people into teams – simple!
  • Boys VS girls
  • Oldest VS youngest

Who starts?

In the Christmas spirit… the one who ate the most brussels sprouts gets to start the game. If you were smart and didn’t have brussels on your Christmas dinner, then go with the youngest player.

Keep the peace

  • Always stick to the answers on the sheets.
  • Have a ‘talking cracker’ – have a special cracker in the middle of the room for when an argument erupts. Whoever holds the cracker gets to speak.

Who wins?

Easy – the one with the most points!

What do you win?

Well that’s entirely up to you… we suggest pride and a smug face (and maybe another mince pie).

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