What is a Virtual Test Ride?

What is a Virtual Test Ride?

Here at Raleigh, we have an incredible range of electric bikes. Our new Motus has been designed with you in mind, using the latest technology from market-leader Bosch to give you a premium electric experience.

With different colour options in the range, the choice of hub or derailleur gearing systems plus a mixture of frame types, how do you decide on the most suitable Motus for your lifestyle?

Our Virtual Test Centres (VTC) are the perfect way to try before you buy and is made up of three primary parts:

Bike - In this case, the bike set up on the VTC will be a Raleigh Motus, as detailed above. 

Turbo trainer - This bit of kit supports your weight and simply allows you to ride your bike indoors without actually going anywhere. The rear wheel is suspended off the ground, sitting on a roller which turns as you pedal. Attached to the roller is a resistance unit which, as the names suggests, varies the resistance.

Visual display - In front of the bike is a screen showing your progress. We use Zwift training app technology which shows you the route ahead. With this, the attached turbo trainer will alter the resistance according to your route, replicating all the inclines and descents. You can switch between the four riding modes eco, tour, sport and turbo to feel the different levels of assistance.

The VTC provides a riding experience as close to the real thing as possible without having to go anywhere. Our VTC’s are available at 25 of our electric bike partner stores and our electric bike experts will be on hand to answer any questions that you might have. Thinking of trying out the Motus? Find out where your nearest VTC store is located on our handy VTC map. Arrange a test ride before 10th December to get involved in our ‘E-tour of Britain’ competition.