And They’re Off: The Motus E-Tour of Britain

The E-tour of Britain is on. 25 Raleigh stores are competing in a race to Land’s End from John O’Groats without even going outside.

What’s happening?

Raleigh stores are battling it out to become champion of the first ever Motus E-Tour of Britain. Participants are racing our virtual route from John O’Groats to Land’s End with the help of their customers. Each person who visits a store and takes part in a Motus virtual test ride will move their store owner ten miles further in the race. The one which facilitates the most test rides by 10th December – or which makes it to the finish line first – will therefore be victorious.

We’ll be updating our race page each week so you can track the progress of your local store. Keep an eye on Raleigh social channels for results.

The route

This is a huge challenge which no shop will be able to achieve without your help. We’ve set a 957 mile cycle route down the length of the country, that’s almost 96 ten-mile chunks which means 96 test rides to the finish.

Don’t worry, nobody’s expecting you to do a ten mile test ride! The very purpose of the Motus is to suit everyone’s needs so whether you cover 33 miles or 0.3, your test ride is still worth ten.
With more than 25 stores aiming to reach the finish line, we think this could be the biggest test-ride event ever.

An electric bike for everyone

Our ultimate lifestyle electric bike, the Motus uses the latest industry technology including PowerPack batteries, Active Line motors and displays all from Bosch. Through power assisted-pedalling, the Motus gives you extra help when you need it and will ease off on your demand, adapting to your own riding style.

With four different specification bikes in the range, all available in three different frame shapes and multiple colours - there’s a Motus for everyone.

Your very own e-tour

The Motus opens a range of new opportunities, a whole new lifestyle. An electric bike brings with it the incentive to get out more and the freedom to go further, for longer. The E-Tour of Britain celebrates this. The day you purchase your own Motus is the day your very own e-tour begins. Where will yours take you?

Find your local participating store on our race page, or for more information about our virtual test centres, click here.

See you at the finish line!