The Ride’s the Limit

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The Ride's the Limit

Great news as the Cycle to Work scheme raises £1000 cap on bikes.

Until recently, the Cycle to Work scheme had capped the price of a bike at £1000, ultimately excluding users wishing to commute using an electric bike.

It was announced in June, that the guidance has been updated in line with general increase in bike prices over the decades and in a bid to encourage employees to switch to electric bikes.

This is a fantastic development for commuters who have been deterred from the scheme due to the lack of electric bike choice. Electric bikes offer a green alternative to other traditional means of transport. Benefits of a green commute include mood boosting vitamin D, zero CO2 output and easing congestion.

Promoting healthier journeys to work and reducing environmental pollution are the main goals of the scheme, and this latest development highlights the push towards greener transport alternatives and reduced emissions.

Commuting by bike is a fantastic way to travel to work. Even modest cycling releases endorphins which is a great way to boost your mood and energy levels at the start of the day and set yourself up for a productive day at work.

This increase can only mean good things for the cycling communities and those wishing to start commuting but need the extra assistance from an electric bike.

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