Here it is. all captured on camera: The sheer exuberance of riding one of BMX's bona-fide classics. Two generations, united in their love of BMX. Two Generations, riding out on the iconic MK1 Raleigh Super Tuff Burner. Two generations, having the time of their lives, and still playing out.


If the filming of our latest video for our MK1 Super Tuff Burner is anything to go by, its relaunch is going to go down a storm with riders young and old.


You can take a look at the video here and see our classic BMX bikes put through their paces on the street, at the pump track, up and down kerbs, even outside the Lace Market chippy!


We meet our older riders. They're old friends who've BMXed together since the early 80's, and still ride out together. They're joined by our younger riders - the son and daughter of one of our original riders - who love to BMX and are very excited to take the MK1 Super Tuff Burner out for a spin.


We see the two bikes in action, with flatspins, bunnyhops and one-footers from all our riders. We see the unique gold super chrome finish glinting in the sun, the black skyway mag wheels in a blur of movement, the double hole frame with loop tail rear flying past, in and out of the air.


More than anything, we see excitement in action, with riders experiencing the MK1 Raleigh Super Tuff Burner for the first time, and the riders parking their trip to the chippy to relive their youth on the streets, tracks and pavements of Nottingham's unique urban environment. 

Still ridin'.

Still burnin'.

Still playin' out.

The Raleigh MK1 Super Tuff Burner will be available for general sale 23.10.19

Watch the brand new video for the Burner here!