Celebrate Bike Week 2019!

Bike Week takes place from the 8th-16th of June and we are here to help you celebrate a glorious week of all things cycling! Have a look at our top tips on getting the most out of bike week and how it’s the perfect chance to pick up a new hobby. Bike Week shines a light on everyday cycling for everyone. In 2019, Bike Week is set to add another 240,000 people to the 2.4 million who already cycle three times or more a week


  1. Get on your bike!

Yes, we know this is glaringly obvious to those that are already keen cyclists. However, for some of us, it’s hard to make the time and have the energy to go on a ride. But for this one week of cycling fun, it’s time to dedicate a few hours to dust off the bike in the garage, get on it and go! Whether it be a 20-minute ride to the shops or a 2-hour ride on a challenging trail, anything is better than sitting inside! Trust us, you’ll feel 10 times better afterwards!


  1.   Challenge yourself

Why not go that extra mile? It’s very easy to get stuck in the same repetitive schedule and exercise, especially on a bike, should never get boring! So go off the beaten track, go up that hill, go a little faster. There’s no better feeling than achieving something you didn't think you could ever do.


  1.  Share the joy

There’s no better time than bike week to encourage as many people as you can to get out on their bikes. Whether it be a friend, brother, sister, dad, mum, aunty, uncle or anyone! It doesn’t have to be a challenging or long ride, you can make it more of a social event and introduce your loved ones to the joys of two wheels.


  1.  Join in!

There’s plenty of events going on around the country to celebrate cycling. Whether it be sponsored rides, bike shows or Strava challenges. Bike week is a great chance to connect with like-minded enthusiasts whilst exercising your mind and body at the same time. Head over to Cycling UK here to find an event near you!


  1. Enjoy it

You don’t have to inspire great change in others or go on an extremely difficult ride every day. Our best bit of advice is to just relax and enjoy yourself on your bike whether that be with friends, at an event or on your own. Whatever your style there’s a bike for you here at Raleigh, shop our range today and find your perfect companion.