5 ways to celebrate World Health Day with Raleigh

World Health Day 2019 is here and we want you to celebrate your health in the best way possible, on a bike! Whatever you do to celebrate, it is also very important to appreciate your own good health and recognise those that are less fortunate than you are. Head over to the World Health Organisation for further information on the great work they do for the people who need it most.

Here are the 5 best ways to celebrate world health day behind the handlebars!

  • Get out there

This is probably the simplest yet most difficult barrier to break down. We know it is sometimes difficult to find time to get on your bike and just... ride! There doesn't have to be a target or distance you have to hit, just ride because you want to. Let's face it, you always feel better after a good ride.

  • Round up the gang!

Whether it be friends, family, neighbours, dogs or whoever, go on a ride together! It can sometimes be a bit lonely on the saddle so share the moments with your loved ones. It doesn't matter where you go it only matters that all of your crew can appreciate the great outdoors and in some cases rediscover a love for cycling that may have been forgotten through repetitive daily commutes or the disappointing English weather.

  • Go further

Your body is more amazing than you could ever imagine, so push it to the limits! Go that extra mile, defeat that mighty hill, beat your best time, just go for it! There's no time like the present to better your physical and mental health through cycling. So do your best to forget those weak excuses and be the best you can be!

  • No distractions

Put that phone away! We know how easy it is for time to pass you by as you sit scrolling on social media and we are not saying cut it out completely, but put it down once in a while. Designate some time each day to focus on your own health, both physical and mental. Obviously, a great way to do that is a bike ride, you could go on a leisurely cruise on one of our luxurious eBikes or challenge yourself on a daring trail with an adventure bike. Whatever it may be that you would like to achieve, don't let your phone or any other distractions get in your way.

  • Appreciate it

Take in the fresh air, pedal more than ever and live in the moment. No matter what you do and who you spend your time with. It is important to appreciate what you have and think about those that are less fortunate than you.