Let Raleigh bring you together this Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air at Raleigh HQ and we want to share it with the cycling community and those that have not yet discovered the joy of riding a bike - especially a Raleigh bike.

Cycling is a great way to vibe positivity and embrace the outdoors, particularly in a world filled with technology and blue screens. We believe the cycling spreads joy and can give bring love to life, so we’ve looked into how a simple bike ride can help your everyday life and enhance your working week.

Always love yourself first

Love isn’t always about sharing your life and experiences with someone else. There’s something very important and rewarding about enjoying your own company, which is often extremely difficult for most people!

Cycling is a great way to put yourself first and it’s a great way to fall in love with how incredible you are. You might start out terribly but once you get going, your stamina and skill will improve and you’ll find yourself riding further, spending more time working on yourself.

You’ll have the opportunity to practice mindfulness, which you can read about on a previous post here. Mindfulness is an amazing tool to the improvement of your mental health.

So get on your bike and take yourself for a ride this Valentines Day! Fall in love with yourself.


The first date

For anyone a first date can be pretty terrifying; the uncomfortable small talk, the awkward first kiss or hug and who pays for the bill. So once you’ve swiped right why not do something a little different, take them on a bike ride.

We aren’t suggesting you should buy them a bike for the first date, that might be coming on a little strong. If they don’t have one, perhaps hire one… then buy one for yourself! You can get to know each other whilst out and about, you’ll have no chance to use phones so they’ll be a flowing conversation.

You can show off your culinary skills by creating a picnic, a great first impression for a relationship. Or you can stop at the pub to treat to a hearty meal following your leisurely get-to-know you bike ride.

The newlyweds

The first year of marriage, filled with love, laughter and adventures. Celebrating Valentines Day gives you the excuse to be extra soppy and spend quality time together through the hustle and bustle of your everyday lives.

A weekend trail ride is a wonderful way to enjoy each others company, capture the beauty of the outdoors and keep your loving friendship strong. You could buy your better half a new bike for Valentines Day and suggest then you use your rides as a chance to get out at the weekends (and evenings) to keep connected.

Take a picnic, stop at a pub or enjoy and afternoon tea halfway on your route. Together you can spend your spring/summer weekends enjoying the fresh air and learning new things about each other.

The happily ever afters

You’ve been together for years and you still look at each other like it was that fateful first date. Celebrate your ever-growing love with new adventures and experiences.

You may be avid bike riders anyway and enjoy a weekend trail on our Pioneer range or you may want to try something new with the electric range. Our electric range means you can enjoy time together without getting too tired, meaning you can get further and discover new places that you may have not had the chance too before.

You could revisit places in your past, relive memories from previous adventures, reignite the love with each other on Valentine’s Day.

Family is love too!

It’s not all about the couples, family is love too. Family brings us joy and friendships so we should be celebrating it on this wonderful month of love.

We’ve got bikes for every age so gather everyone together and find a route suitable for every rider. You can spend a day exploring forests, beaches or the great British countryside, whilst catching up with family members you may not get to see as often as you like.

End the day at a pub or cafe to continue the laughs and fun that family can bring.