The making of the 35th Anniversary Team Burner flashback


With only a few days left to go until the launch of the 2018 limited edition Chrome Burner we cant talk about anything else!  Here at Raleigh HQ the Burners have started to arrive in their specially printed boxes and we cant wait for the launch date - we're sure you cant either.  So, we're taking you on a trip down memory lane for #FlashbackFriday to give you an insiders view on the making of last year's 35th Anniversary Team Burner.

Plus we've included a few hints and exclusive nuggets of information on the similarities in the production of the 2018 Chrome Burner.  If you haven't already pre-registered for the 2018 Chrome Burner then hurry(!) pre-registration closes on Monday 24th September at 9:00am and after that point you won't be able to gain access to the exclusive sales window on 26th September.

The original and best...

It's safe to say the Raleigh Burner is one of the most iconic bikes to hit the market.  That's why we're celebrating their iconic history with our 35th anniversary models.  When it comes to our special release anniversary models we settle for nothing but the best!  Which is why both the 2017 Team Burner and the 2018 Chrome Burner have been manufactured by Tange; the same factory who brought you the originals.

Some components have even been painstaking reproduced to keep the bikes as close to the original as possible.  The Tange frame and forks head to the paint shop where they are sprayed before the decals are carefully and individually applied by hand.  Next the frames travel via carousel to be united with their wheels and other components which are added by the assembly team.

Each of anniversary models are super-exclusive limited editions which is why we've individually numbered each of the frames.  There were only 350 Team Burners created however due to the overwhelming demand for the model and disappointment from our customers we've decided to produce 550 Chrome Burners.  That's a few extra chances at bagging one!

Its all about the details...

The next stop in the production line is to attach the saddle and custom pads.  The Kashimax Aero Saddle is one of the most iconic components of the Aero Burners.  After all, it’s not an old-school BMX without it!  That's why both the 2017 Team Burner and this year's Chrome Burner feature the Kashimax.  Hand made in Japan to the same high quality as they always have been and finished with the Raleigh logo in chrome foil to match the 80’s original, it's sure to bring back some memories.

Next it's all about the custom pads!  A few of our die-hard Burner fans might remember that although the Team Burner featured a matching pad set, these weren't actually present on the original Chrome Burner.

However we felt they were an essential addition for 2018... So we've designed them how we think they would have been back in the 80's, to compliment the original bike and keep you standing out from the crowd.

That's a wrap folks!

Finally the bikes are carefully packaged up in their exclusively printed boxes and then overe-boxed in plain packaging to keep them safe for their journey across the ocean to us before the launch date when they are exclusively sold to our pre-registered customers.  We loved seeing your pictures of your Team Burners arriving with you last year and the un-boxing process so we cant wait to see even more this year.  Good luck guys!

Check out the Chrome Burner

Head over to our product page to check out this year's limited edition Chrome Burner!  You'll be able to see the full spec and features in detail as well as all of our related blogs.  Plus if you haven't pre-registered you've still got a couple of days left to gain access to the exclusive sales window.