Raleigh HQ rewind time

This August our former head office became the 400,000th listed building in the UK. The Howitt building still stands in Nottingham and it will now be a permanent reminder of our heritage. This building was originally built as Raleigh HQ in 1931 and has been Grade II listed by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) on the advice of Historic England.

We'd like to honour and celebrate our heritage on this special occasion by looking back at our history. A Raleigh employee recently brought a little book to our attention - Pocket Images, Radford.

Christmas at Raleigh Ballroom, 1974. The annual employee's dinner was held at this building on Lenton Boulevard, built in 1931, which had a frontage of 350ft.

Above is a sign on Faraday Road, 1988. The speed at which cycle production increased after the First World War is impressive. In 1911, 50,000 cycles had been made but the figure for 1946 has risen to 400,000, and to 750,000 by 1949. By 1951, bicycle production had topped a million units.

The Social Club shortly before demolition, August 2000. This was founded in 1972 from the former Works Canteen. The social club had 2,000 members by 1984.

This club offered a separate snooker room with full-sized tables, playing host to celebrations such as Alex Higgins and Dennis Taylor in the early 1980s.

Demolition of the Faraday Road factory, 1990. In its heyday, Raleigh produced such classic cycles as the Blue Streak and Pink Witch in 1958, and the Lenton Marque III and Triumph Jack of Clubs.

In 1983, the BMX Burner was launched. Bicycle designs were tested with a piece of sophisticated equipment called 'Cardboard Fred', a puppet made of card, which had jointed arms and legs and tested the ergonomic properties of the cycle prototypes.

Above shows the Faraday Road factory, summer 1990. A fine example of old sign-writing, but somewhat marred by the vandals' attacks on the factory windows. This five-acre factory stretched all the way from Salisbury Street to Johnson Road.

Below you can see the Raleigh office buildings, Faraday Road, 1990. These offices were erected next to Gate 9 in 1921.

All above extracts have been taken from Pocket Images, Radford by Chris Richards. If you have any old photos of Raleigh - please send them over to us on our social media channels.