The Financial Times – Exploring Raleigh Bikes HQ

Financial Times Explores Raleigh Bikes Past Present & Future

The Financial Times recently visited Raleigh HQ in Eastwood, Nottingham as part of their ‘Factory Floor’ series.  The team were shown around by  Managing Director, Pippa Wibberley.  The video they have created as part of the series explores the Eastwood factory and uncovers what goes on behind the scenes of Britain’s most recognised bicycle brand.

Designed in the UK

The Financial Times started by investigating the design process of Raleigh bikes which begins in our Nottingham office with technical drawings and trend research undertaken by a team of designers and quality engineers.  This level of attention to detail is reflected across the business.  As Pippa goes on to explain, the final part of the bike build process is completed by hand in Nottingham before shipping to the customer.  It is the human element which is so important to the brand, without it the essence and quality of Raleigh wouldn’t be there.

Building Wheels in the UK

Alongside bikes, Raleigh also produces approximately 100,000 wheels each year that are hand finished in the UK.  To do this Raleigh uses original equipment that has been with the company for many years.  The hand finished element ensures the wheels run 100% Tru, which very few in the cycling industry can attest to.

The Growth of Electric Bikes

Pippa goes on to explain that the innovation that made Raleigh so popular many years ago still stands at the heart of the business, with the brands early adoption of the electric bike trend. It’s this early adoption that has cemented Raleigh’s position at the front of the industries change and why electric bikes now make up the majority of their sales.

To see everything that happens at Raleigh HQ, head over to the Financial Times website. We are extremely proud of all the work we do and we love being a Great British brand!