Rewind The Gap take their Raleigh electric bikes across Europe

Karen and Colin are from Cornwall, they've been together for 14 years and they've always been focused on their careers. They've chosen to give themselves a break and have a little adventure - by travelling Europe in a motorhome. Along with their motorhome, they have two Raleigh ebikes, the Motus Blue Low Step and Strada Elite Electric.  Their family includes two gorgeous dogs too - you know we love a dog on a bike!

Here's a little snippet of their journey so far:

We hit the road to start our adventure on Monday 16th July. Its been hard work packing everything up from a four bedroom house and deciding what we need to take with us but we are finally there.

We headed to Canterbury Camping and Caravanning Club Site to spend 3 nights here to have a ‘trial run’. The motorway’s were cruel and what should have taken 3 or so hours ended up taking 6 so we arrived at 9pm which wasn’t ideal but so be it, we couldn’t do anything about it so no point whinging we just needed to get on with it.

On arrival the staff were helpful and we were shown where to fill up with water. We had only practised this at home up until this point. Colin started to unravel our hose and the plastic case snapped and the connector fell into the drain. Colin’s immediate reaction was to lift the grid off and retrieve it. Without thinking he put his arm into the water below and reached down. He looked at me alarmed and said ‘I have just put my arm into the foul waste water.’ At this stage he assumed it was the foul water, luckily it was only the grey water which is used shower and dishwashing water. So the week overall has been eventful and we have learnt a lot quickly.

We met Stuart and Cynthia who have a blog they have also chosen to have a lifestyle change and we were able to get some great tips from them.

On leaving here we drove to Portsmouth as we had a warning light appear on the dashboard. We went to the local Fiat dealer and met Alex and Craig who were both very helpful. They ran a diagnostic test and updated the software and resolved the issue for us.

We then drove up to the New Forest for 1 night and stayed in New Milton. The site was very different to Canterbury and had limited facilities, giving us the chance to really test the motorhome out properly.


We are currently in Cornwall for a few days, saying goodbye to family and friends and unloading some of the random bits we have realised aren’t essential- who needs 4 pairs of scissors when living in a motorhome ? etc..

The dogs are happy and enjoying themselves too. They have adapted well and with each day they are learning their new routine.

It looks like they are quickly adapting to their new living situation and so are the dogs. Keep up with their journey on the Rewind the Gap blog. They also have social media channels you can follow: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.