Design your own bike

This summer holidays we’re helping you get creative with the kids!  There’s a whole six weeks to fill with activities and we know it can be hard to always have something on hand to keep the kids entertained.  That’s why we’re here to help!  Over the summer holidays we’ll have some great activities for kids plus loads of great advice and tips on how to get them out and active with their bikes.

So why not kick off the summer holidays with this fun design your own bike activity!  Great for a quiet afternoon indoors together, or a perfect activity to save for a rainy day.  Download our bicycle template below and get your kids creating.


Designing Your Bike:

Step 1:

Download our bicycle template and print it out on plain paper.  A4 is easiest but if you’ve got A3 to hand you can get extra creative with the space.

Step 2:

Get some inspiration!  All of our bikes have a theme or inspiration behind them so find something that you’d like to focus on to get you started.  It could be an animal or something in nature or your favourite colour or even a cartoon or picture.

Step 3:

Gather up all of your favourite crayons, gel pens or pains and get creative plus why not add stickers or plastic gems if you have some hiding in your craft box.  If you’re using messy material make sure that you put down some newspaper or plastic sheeting to protect the surface that you’re working on.

Step 4:

All great bikes have a super cool name!  So get your thinking cap on and find that star name that will make your bike stand out from the crowd.

Step 5:

Proud of your new creation?  Why not share it with us on social media using the hashtag #WheelieGoodSummer.  We’d love to see your ideas and share them with our followers.  Send us a picture of your creation on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts.





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