We’ve partnered with Transport for London

On the 16th March, we began a partnership with Transport for London to give those travelling in London a discount on ebikes making your commute cheaper and easier. Take a look at our offers with this partnership and how it can benefit you and your current travel.

Who are Transport for London?

What's on offer?

You may not be sure if an ebike is for you and it's a significant amount of money to spend on a product that you've never used, so with this partnership, we are offering you the opportunity to test ride an ebike before you buy. Once you've tested an ebike and hopefully discovered the one for you, we're offering you £100 off selected Raleigh ebikes in the selected stores. Plus with your ebike, you'll receive a free Squire lock and Uvex helmet - the perfect accompaniment to your new commuting ebike. The electric bikes included in this offer are the Motus range and the Strada Electric range

To claim this offer you'll need to visit one of the stores across London, listed below. Simply explain in the store that you're interested in the Raleigh Transport For London offer and they'll sort you out! Please note, the offer is only available in the stores below. 


Take a look at the details of the offer on TFL here.

Which Raleigh ebikes are best for commuting?

We've chosen two of our ebikes that are great for commuting and offer a variety of budget needs. If you're still not sure, you can take a look at our bike finder and find the ideal bike for you - remember to click on the option for electric bikes so you can use your £100 off. 

Motus Low Step

The Motus adopts the same new frame and Bosch motor system as the Captus with an upgraded 400wh battery which will provide up to an extra 40km from a single charge, meaning that for some riders it could carry them to and from work for whole week before needing charging. 

Strada Elite Electric

The Strada Elite Electric revolutionises the urban commuter ebike featuring a new frame design with adapted geometry to improve agility including a shortened wheelbase and innovative 650B tyres.

BIKE CHECK: The bikes featured in this posts main image are a Motus Low Step Blue and Strada Elite Electric Blue. These are both great commuter bikes and reliable electric bikes in general. 

The 400wh battery on the Motus Low Step boasts a range of between 45 and 180km dependent on the level of assistance selected and can be charged from flat in approximately 3.5 hours meaning you can be back on your bike as quickly as possible. 

The lightweight carbon fork and centre mount motor on the Strada Electric have been carefully selected to provide agility and balance so you can navigate through traffic nimbly and with confidence.